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Many lives has been changed or been positively affected by the existence of crypto and blockchain technology like hive.


Definitely, it is a very interesting initiative to share one of these experiences which is why @theycallmedan has brought this up. Feel free to check it up by clicking on LINK to also participate.

I must say, it's hard to imagine my life not on hive and into crypto. For sure, I would definitely exist without it but no have reached anywhere or half of where I am now.

First, to easily show the reason why I feel well impacted by crypto and hive/leo (blockchain technology), I will have to say my situation at the moment in my country.


My country (Nigeria) is one of the wealthiest country in Africa but yet, the citizens lives in hunger and abject poverty. We have a yet to be implemented minimum wage of $77 per month which was announced last year 2019.

Presently, for me I earn about $20 (I am poor, I know 😅) a month in the job I do which was $25 but has gone down due to the present devaluation of the currency. Just to note, my job sponsors my transportation to work everyday, and buys afternoon meals for me, so the $20, is actually for my personal needs alone.


Now, to compare my earnings on hive using, I earned about 18 HBD liquid earnings, and 147 hive in the last 7 days, making a total of $37 last week. My earning on hive last week is higher than my monthly salary. Moreover, I made some earnings from publication last week on LEO as well.


Moreover, I am a musician, I play the guitar but I lacked equipments. I didn't have a combo (speaker) nor an effect pedal. I remembered my struggle last year trying to save $200 from my $25 monthly earning to buy a effect pedal for my guitar. It was like impossible to get $200 because other needs will come in place but now, since I came back actively on steem/hive, I have been able to not just get an effect pedal of $200 but got a combo alongside for about $77+ both in one year and with ease.

Below is my effect pedal and combo



That's all for now, I believe you have known the impact crypto and blockchain has made to my life and also possibly to other Nigerians on Hive.

All images in this post are mine except otherwise stated






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You can still honestly call yourself a poor person? You be thief na lol. Don't mind me, your Hive earnings for a week is more than someone's salary for a month and even some days added.
The situation of our country is a very crooked one so my brother you are not poor here on Hive.
You have even been able to purchase two most pressing needs with Hive token.
I am hoping to do that too someday. I need a personal piano lol, Do you see my dream with me? If you were able to purchase your pedal with hive tokens don't you think I can do the same?
I am inspired by your post to keep doing more. That amount you got in just a week, OMO lol.
Don't mind me if I am exaggerating too much lol.
Keep blogging dear! and I just noticed your......I like the design you did, well done.

Lol.. You are very funny. Yeah earning $20 a month means I am poor but yeah you are right, My hive earning this past week is even higher than my monthly salary.

Yeah you can do the same. I do not earn this much before but things began to change for me. I believe in your dream, you would get the keyboard (piano) you are aspiring to.

Thanks for coming by, I really do appreciate this comment. I wish you success.

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Glad to see that you are doing great on the Hive and that cryptocurrencies changed your life significantly!

You are doing great, and investing in yourself, learning languages, and playing music show that you are on a good path! Good luck!

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Yeah exactly, I am happy also. I don't know but I am getting to kinda enjoy you coming around 😅😂😂. Thanks so much

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This is great what you are doing.. and I admire your courage.. you're doing your best, utilizing everything that you have at your disposal

Yeah, thanks so much. Really appreciate the comment.

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That's just amazing that you were able to buy that. Just curious, do you need to pay rent and utilities as well? Because you mention it's only for your personal needs.. Can't even imagine earning 20 bucks a month with any job even if only a few hours a week. But of course, the prices in your country must be a lot lower compared to Europe's prices of a meal or other needs.

I think crypto has done well for many people living in poorer countries..
Thanks for sharing!

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I don't leave alone, I stay in my parents house but there is no way I can survive alone with that salary.

Funniest things, I earn more than some people who live alone 😅😂. I am just tired of this country.

Yeah a meal plate, if you are to buy in a local store or canteen, it is roughly $1.

Imagine eating out, maybe spending $3 per day for feeding. The salary is not enough for a week.

People are suffering here, like seriously as many people find it difficult to eat twice a day. Not talking about thrice daily.

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Hello friend... I am sorry to know about the current financial situation in your country...
The weekly earning from hive (In your case) is good..

I have been able to not just get an effect pedal of $200 but got a combo alongside for about $77+ both in one year and with ease.

This is amazing when you do some extra and earn foe yiur hobby... that is inspiration for others too...
I wish you luck fof your future...

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Thanks.. Yeah, I am glad that I make this much on Hive. It has really helped me a lot especially in growth. I hope the best in future and also for you also.

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Lol, i think i can´t participate on this one, bc i haven´t buy anything with te money. But good to see that you have made good use of it

I thought you told me you have actually converted it to real money (fiat currency) before.

Like 5 dollars hahahahah that´s not even a hamburger here

It's good to see how your effort and dedication have achieved these results. I hope you continue to grow a lot more and reach your goals man!

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what's the situation in Nigeria in general? corruption is n1 like in most countries?

Also good job man, your hive earnings are quite awesome i dare to say! Really good job, i am excited for you an what you managed so far! And it is not over yet ;)

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