What makes SPI token different compared to other investment/fund tokens

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Hello people, moving on from yesterdays post that taskmaster4450 wrote about SPinvest and its SPI token being the first of its type offered to HIVE. He is 100% right, SPinvest was the first project on HIVE to launch an investment fund/club to the best of my knowledge. Task went on to explain that others have followed suit and created similar projects over the past year expanding the investment token market on HIVE. We are all aware of BRO, Dhedge, INDEX and others. Of course, each investment/fund token has its own agenda but all aim to provide an ROI for their token holders. I think this is only good for HIVE as a lot of the HIVE invested through these funds are locked up within the ecosystem. However, I do need to point out that SPI is the daddy investment token on the HIVE blockchain. Some will not agree with that statement and they would be wrong a few levels.


The fact that SPinvest launched its first investment token SPI long before anyone else is not important. SPinvest could have launched SPI tokens 6 months ago with the exact same model and SPI would still be the daddy of investment HIVE tokens based on its set up. There are other investment projects out there that pay a better ROI but offer little to nothing in other fundamentals of a well-structured project.

So why is SPI so different?

Where do we start? Ok, each SPI token is 100% backed by sellable assets. The SPI token price is not a speculation, it is its liquidation value. In short, this means if SPinvest sold off all of SPI's assets and split the money by the amount of SPI tokens issued, that is what they are worth each. The exchange price is what people are trading them for. If SPI tokens are valued at say 10 HIVE and someone is selling them on the exchange for 8 HIVE, that person is giving away free money. Would you pay 80 cents for $1? damn right you would and many times over as well.

Our investment fund is currently worth over $90,000 at the time of writing. Other investment projects might be valued higher but I must emphasize that these projects are not liquid. Going to use BRO fund token as an example cause I know Ray and I know he'll not mind. We love BRO tokens at SPinvest, they pump our bags every day but to make my point.

Bro fund holds vast amounts of many HIVE projects, they have one of the biggest Dcity's, own over 10k+ LEOM's and dominate the rich lists of any tribe/project they invest into but... How liquid are those investments? How do you even go about working out an accurate BRO token price when you can never sell your holdings for the shown price. It's just a guessing game. LEO has a daily volume of $2-3k most days, what would happen if someone dumped a $10k (20k LEO) sell order into the exchange? How long would that take to get filled and could it crash the price of LEO for a small-time? That's with LEO, the most liquid token. Most other tokens will have daily volumes of under $30. BRO fund holds over a million NEOxian tokens, you think they are liquid at all are it is more likely BRO's holding is actually helping to prop up the NEO token price by holding so many of them? What happens if something happens to Ray are any project operator and they need to shut up shop? How long will it take to liquidate all the holdings? and at what cost?

SPI does not have this problem as all of our big investments are liquid. HIVE jumps 50% in 1 day, we can sell 100k easy, BTC jumps to something stupid, we can liquidate our holdings in seconds, same for our ETH LP's and other cryptos. We are of course invested in some hive-engine projects and this represents 23% of the total fund. Our top 3 holdings that are equal to 96% of our HE wallet and are SPI, BRO and LEO which all have good daily volumes. SPinvest could liquidate 64% of SPI's assets within hours at any given time, 13% is powered up HIVE and 23% is HE tokens. I do not think any other investment token/fund on HIVE can offer this.

When I say offer this, im talking about the SPI 95% buyback. Ohh, something else no other investment project is doing. HBT offers buybacks but that is part of its core model (good investment also BTW). SPinvest will buy back it's own token for 95% of the 5 days avg token value. Around 8-9 months back, the previous top SPI token holders sold 11,500 SPI tokens back to SPinvest. The whole process took a few hours and was basically 2 transactions. The token holder sending his tokens back to @spinvest and SPinvest send them $5000 worth of USDT. What do you think about that? LEO is the only other token that can be cashed out into something other than HIVEp as it can be converted wLEO or ETH. If you need to access your cash quickly, SPI is heads and shoulders above everyone else. FACTS

Here's one for you, if a project operator goes offline what happens to your investment? Goes to zero, right? cause the project is now dead because nobody can access the accounts. SPI active keys are co-held and all access to it's off-platform investments are stored on a USB with instructions to be posted to a trusted friend should I get hit by a bus.

Apart from all the cool stuff mentioned above, SPI tokens price has increased 7x from last Febuary, maybe another thing another project cant claim. You dont have to take my word on this either, it's all shown with our weekly earning and holding reports that we've been uploading for almost 2 years. Damn, it's not easy winning all the time but the growth has been compounding and the SPI model is showing starting to show it's built to stand the test of time. I mean look at this chart, it's real!! and show SPI token price performance over the past 9 months. Each line is a day.


1000 words done. Thank you for reading today's SPI post

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The token holder sending his tokens back to @spinvest and SPinvest send them $5000 worth of USDT. What do you think about that?

I think that is great and I also didn't know that was an option. Learn something new everyday. :)

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Same here actually. I have been thinking about investing in SPI and now the post gave me another reason to do so.

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It's always good to have the option to exit at a fair price and so quick. Cheers to being a long term holder.

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