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Hello, SPIer's. Every Sunday for the past half-year, I have been releasing SPinvest weekly updates posts but this week im licked for things to talk about. It's been a very dull week with not much new happening for SPinvest. Of course, things are always happening but nothing worth reporting really so I have decided that instead of forcing myself to write a post about stuff you guys already know, I gonna do something different and share with you guys the end goal for SPinvest.


We all know SPI tokens are the flagship token for SPinvest and each token is backed by a bunch of different assets. We compound our earnings and investments, the aim of the game is to increase the value of the SPI token.

This is what everyone knows but I dont think anyone knows the end goal for SPinvest. I have never really spoken about it are shared it because it might sound ridiculous but I have a dream in the back of my head and this is my main driving force. I can't do it alone and we're lucky to have a small team working together to make it happen. So what's the dream? Well, that's simple

$10 Million Dollars!!


Yes, $10,000,000 SPinvest fund. When this day comes in 5-20 years and it will come, I will go on record now and say I'll quit my job and become full-time work for 2 hours a day fund manager guy and SPI div's will provide me with a decent retirement and then income for my kids when I die. This is the end goal, the dream. We have the funding we need to make this happen, we have the knowledge of our community of token holders and we're playing the long game. It's just waiting and not making any big mistakes but mostly waiting.

Think about how Steemit was back in 2017. Can you even remember? You might think you remember but you forget about all the bidding bots, no tribes, no gaming, no hive-engine tokens, just blogging, only blogging and commenting. Look at the HIVE eco-system and what we have today 4 years later and it's black and white. Now think about what HIVE will be like in another 4 years, you cant do it because we can't see the future. In 4-5 years time, the SPI token could be a cross-blockchain. In 10 years time, you might be able to spend your SPI's on your SPinvest visa debit card. As technology expands and becomes easier for end-users, the possibilities are endless.


What would we do with $10 million dollars?
It's a long time away and im a simple man that understands simple plans can change easily as time passes and experience is gained. If SPinvest had $10 million, the end goal would be to split it into 4 things that produce an income and aim for a safe 5% per year. We take 50% of that income every week from all 4 sources and pay as a dividend to SPI token holders. Reinvest the other 50% back into each investment for growth.

1 - Crypto's - $2.5 million
Staking BTC, providing liquidity and other forms of passive income could yield us 5% per year easy. The target is small because in 10+ years, earning 20%+ per year might be more difficult as the crypto market matures.

2 - Stable/Fiat - $2.5 million
Alot of people might not like this one so much but having liquid cash on hand is always important. The good thing about defi is we can earn over 10% from holding stable tokens. Again, assuming this rate drops as the market matures, we can put a guess on this and say earning 6% is the norm in 10+ years. 3% is withdrawn for divs and 3% reinvested to protect us from inflation.

3 - Dividend-yielding Stocks - $2.5 million
This one is tricky as im assuming that by the time SPinvest is worth $10 million, stocks and shares will be offered both as they are now and tokenized and providing more frequent dividend payouts. Either way, a safe portfolio earning a div of 5% would be the goal. Not crazy.

4 - Become landlords - $2.5 million
Here's the wild card but one I think if we had $10 million dollars, we would need to consider it owning property long term is never a bad play. Renting can provide 5-7% per year in the UK and 2.5 mills would buy 15 houses 3 bedroom newbuilds were im from. We rent through an agent, let them deal with everything for 10% of the rent and make it passive. We hire an account once a year to sort the taxes, split the profits 50% to SPI token holders and 50% into a bank account for repair and maintenance to properties. Ownership of properties could've transferred to NFT's and issued to SPI token holders.


If we had a SPinvest fund that looked like this, that would be pretty cool. This would provide an income to token holders while still growing the fund total holdings. The grind would be over for us, it would be time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Based on a small AYR of 6% per year, the yield would be $600,000 per year, well the first year anyways. $300,000 to token holders and $300,000 reinvested, each SPI would be valued at $100 and yield a minimum of $3 per year to the owner.

So there you have it, the end goal for SPinvest is to have $10 million worth of assets backing SPI tokens. When we get to this stage, we can greatly reduce the risk of our investments, payout half and compound the rest to keep our beat inflation. This is HODL tokens, I've said that from day 1. If all goes to plan, you'll be able to pass these down to your kids. I know it sounds silly but im for real. In 10-20 years time from now, SPI tokens will be more interchangeable than BTC is today and dividends could go directly to your decentralized bank account.

Now you know the end goal I have in mind. If we ever hit $10 million dollars the game plan might be 100% different but for now, this is the target and the light at the end of the tunnel. $10 million funds, paying out a min of $250k per year in dividends sounds ok?


How we get there is a completely different post and a much more different one to wrote as plans change from week to week depending on what's going on in the world. The end goal is so far away it never changes, this means it anyways been the same for the past 2 years in my head. The more I focus on it, the closer it gets and soon it'll be a reality.

And there's there LBI tokens as well 😁

Hope you enjoyed this not so normal post, if you did, smash the upvote button and drop me a comment.


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I was wondering this morning if SPI tokens would be a good candidate for a swap pair on tribaldex... any thoughts?

It really only takes time, and then waiting on the time. Ten years can pass really quickly. The longest years are the two or three before retirement, they seem to take forever, then a couple years after retirement time begins to speed back up.