ONLY 67 days left to cast your vote - Will Trump get re elected?

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Happy Friday everyone, let's have a look at Trump tokens today. We have issued a few more tokens this week so is nice to see. In the news, it appears the big Don has started to hit out hard against running mate Joe Biden saying he's going to destroy the American dream. I have all notifications turned on for trump tweets. In lighter news, the President seems to be having women problems and is stuck between his wife and daughter. The guy has enough on his plate, I think he might have a breakdown soon.

ohh, look here
Yep, what did i just say? He has had a minor breakdown and is wearing ladies makeup so he try to blend and hide into bingo halls filled with old ladies. This is a classic big Don move, he'll go into hiding for a few weeks and come out of this with a newly sprayed layer of orange, thicker hair and proceed to go on a twitter and media rampage of which we have never seen.

Im starting to have second thoughts, maybe its time to get serious and vote in a proper President? Nah, BIG DON is the GOAT, temporary lapse of judgement on my part. I still believe the Don can save the economy, he's declared himself bankrupt 4 times so he has lots of experience.

What's the story with these Trump tokens?

Pretty simple really, we have released 2 tokens on hive-engine. 1 is a Trump Yes token and the other is a Trump No token. If you are interested in punting a few of your hard-earned HIVE on weather Trump will win another 4 years in the White house ar not. Yes for Yes, and No for No.

HERE for Yes tokens
HERE for No tokens
Buy them directly from Spinvest
Send any amount of HIVE in whole numbers to @spinvest with the memo "YES" or "NO" depending on which token you would like. You will be issued brand new tokens within 6-12 hours.

Buy them from the hive-engine exchange
We all know how hive-engine works. Here are the links to the 2 tokens
Trump Yes -
Trump No -

Lets have a look at issued tokens

This will be updated weekly to show how many of each token is issued to punters. For full details about Trump tokens and how they work, please visit this link.
Odds will also be shown based on tokens sales and these will be updated weekly, please remember that odds are shown only to show who is currently winning our HIVE vote because, in a way, we are doing our own vote on HIVE for the Presidential election. Any next level stuff offered from SPinvest.

TRUMP YES (TRPY) - 231 tokens issued

TRUMP NO (TRPN) - 149 tokens issued

Total Token Fund - 380 HIVE

Current Odds
Yes 60.79% - No 39.21%

Trump Yes tokens are currently worth 1.64 HIVE if Trumps wins

Trump No tokens are currently worth 2.55 HIVE if Trump loses

This week's Trump Quote (After becoming President)



Peace out



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I'm really excited for the results of that election!

It'll be interesting for sure