How Much is Your Hive Engine Wallet Worth?

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If you go to the Hive-Engine portion of your wallet on, you will be able to see the US value of your tokens.

It is a fun number to look at, but not exactly accurate, when it comes to gauging the value of your investment.

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This issue first came up when leo was running up in value

I ran over to the spinvest discord to brag about how much $ our 6000 leo was worth now, and was quickly brought back to reality.

I was shown that while the value of leo had skyrocketed, the buy wall was significantly smaller than the amount of leo we owned.

Sure, each of our leo was worth 0.5 HIVE (at the time), but there were only a few hundred which could be sold at that price. After a few hundred leo, the price was back down to pre-run prices.

Today, the buy wall is much larger, so we could sell our stake at the 0.6HIVE price.

Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 3.19.35 AM.png

So remember that your token's value is only "real" value, if the amount of tokens you have is less than the amount of tokens that are being asked for on the market.

If nobody wants to buy them, they are not really worth that.

Another example is the new token I created for my family and I

Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 11.29.13 PM.png

It is a simple token to help me keep track of how many pages my kids read, and because I can, I made each token worth 10 STEEM, every time I log onto my STEEM-Engine, it looks as if I own millions of US worth of that token.

If fact, I do own millions of dollars worth of PAGES.

And it is fun.

But the "reality" is that there is no market for my token. So the value is really... $0

Could I grow the value? Yes.

Can I somehow infuse worth into the token? Yes

Is the token worth millions as is? NO

Remember that next time you look at the US value of your investments.

If not enough people are willing to buy the amount of tokens you own, than your tokens are really not worth that much.

Thanks for reading :)

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Very helpful.
Maybe you can make a use case for the economics of the PAGES token on Hive. There are a few writing communities here. Such a token could be a good price for the contests they run. A book review could be incentivized with PAGES. It could eventually become a token like BEER and anybody staking PAGES could issue new tokens, by this creating demand. The sky is the limit.

Thank you for reading.

As far as the PAGES token, I specifically designed it for my family economics, and to encourage my kids to read. When my first was younger, I incentivized her with home made money, it was just monopoly money with "special" stickers on it. This next batch of kids gets crypto instead of paper money.

I am thinking of making more tokens to incentivize them to do chores.

I am however using it as a learning tool, so soon, I will create a token to spread worldwide.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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good point
just to illustrate even more. Hive engine does not take into account the value of your staked tokens. So check your wallet on leodex and you should see a different amount for the same tokens as they calculate also the staked portion

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