Hive Engine Tokens: How Do You Measure Your Earnings?

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Lots of us have been writing about LEO and how much their token has risen in value, but has anyone looked at the BEE token lately?

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It is almost back on the 1:1 par with Hive.

Three weeks ago, I wrote about starting your own token, and Bee was worth roughly 0.7 for every hive. I bought 100 then (fully ready to start my own token), then I saw the price skip up to 0.85, and I sold all 100 of them.

Then I put in a buy order for another 100 at 0.64 hive each and was happy when it was filled again.

I saw the price hype back up to 0.8 and I sold again.

I was feeling like a savvy trader. Trade under seven, sell over 8 was gonna be the plan.

And I haven't seen the for less than 0.8 again since.

What is going on with Bee?

At first I was excited over all the buys and sells. BEE tokens are used to start tokens and tribes, and I was ready to see all the new projects that were about to be started. But then I realized that there might be a different reason.

Three weeks ago, you could buy 100 BEE for 70 HIVE.

According to coingecko, the price of hive was 0.27 USD.

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Three weeks ago, you could have started a Hive-Engine Based token for 18.90

100BEE = 70 HIVE 70 Hive x 0.27USD = 18.90USD

Today, you can buy 100 Bee for 0.97HIVE

100 BEE = 97.00 HIVE 97HIVE x 0.17USD =16.49USD

Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 10.10.39 PM.png

So if you are investing in Fiat, it would be cheaper to start a token this week, than it was three weeks ago. However, if you are investing with HIVE, it is more expensive

Which of these values is more important to you? Your Fiat invesment, or the crypto investment?

When you invest in a token, do you value the amount of tokens, the value in hive, or the value in fiat?

Do you see 100,000 Sports tokens, or do you see 3 hive. Perhaps you see two shiny quarters and a penny?

So... do you think BEE is being sold so new projects can be launched? Or, do the people who care more about BEE than Fiat happen to see a "sale" going on?

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I think bEE is being bought now as market makers need it to use dswap! HE is now finding more ways to use the token so I’m sure it will get picked up more often

I hope it keeps going and going. I like having a stake in strong projects. Thanks for the heads up. Im gonna hunt for more info now.

What @chekohler said!

I know I just bought some so that I could play around with the market maker. From the increased activity in some of the tokens I trade, I assume that quite a few others did also :-)

If I would have known that I would need to scrape together cash for the wLEO thing, I would have held off! Oh well. Win some, lose some :-)

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Do you have a link to what Market Maker is and how it works? I would love to look into it.

The wLEO thing is awesome because the higher their numbers go, the faster my HOLDings reach 100. They are all wins, just some bigger and faster than others.

The link to hive-engine's market maker is:

I'm am not the best to explain. Basically a market maker is a person or bot who places limit bids and asks simultaneously on the market to try and collect the spread.

Let's say AAPL price is $120. If I place a bid on the market for 119.95 and an ask on the market for 120.05 and both are filled then I made 0.10. In order to do this, I need dollars and shares of AAPL. Not sure if you were asking for explanation or link :-) Basically my explanation sucks and you would need to do some research to figure it out.

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Your explanation was actually just perfect.

I understand now and will be checking out dswap.

I appreciate your comment!

don't know anything about this...too much it is, coins inside HIVE also having their own price dances these days.

I like the solo dances. It shows us that crypto is not one giant monster that moves together. It is like a bunch of little monsters moving to their own beat.

May all the crypto monsters keep growing.