Comparing SPI token price in HIVE vs Dollar for the past year.

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Hello, SPIer's. Today we look at the price of the SPI tokens in both HIVE and dollars for the past 49 weeks. It is very interesting to watch the price of HIVE increase and the effect this has on side-chain tokens traded on hive-engine with SPI being one of them. We all see that as HIVE increase's, hive-engine tokens trade for less HIVE which to many people makes it look like hive-engine/tribe tokens are falling in value when the opposite is true.


Below is a simple line chart of the past 49 weeks SPI token HIVE vs Dollar price. We can see that the HIVE price started out at around 1.2 HIVE per SPI token and peaked out at around 7.5 HIVE at week 35 before dropping to today's price of 3.5 HIVE. To many, it appears that SPI tokens have lost alot of value, in terms of HIVE valuations, this is correct but in terms of dollar valuations, SPI is stronger than ever.


When we look at the dollar value of SPI's over the past 49 weeks, we can see the increase has been slow and only recently over the past 12ish weeks have we seen massive increase's. If the price of HIVE continues to increase, there is a very stronger chance these 2 lines cross over each other.

As SPI holds alot of powered up HIVE in both the @spinvest and @eddie-earner accounts along have HE wallets, the SPI token price will never drop below 2 HIVE, even if HIVE goes to $1000 per token, I can say 100% but there' a very slim chance SPI tokens can ever be under 2 HIVE each.

Let's see what happens to the price of SPI price if HIVE were to moon to $3, $10 or even $100.


Sorry, I went a little OTT with the circling but you will notice that as the price of HIVE increases, the decline in Total fund value in HIVE slows down. We see the difference of Total fund value drop 150,000 HIVE between 55 cents and $3.00 but only 34,000 between $3 and $100. This is because our off-platform investments have less of an impact against our HIVE holdings as the price of HIVE increases.

The numbers above are ballpark numbers, if HIVE were trading for $100, would LEO be trading for 1.4 HIVE? Prob not so as the price of HIVE increases, we can expect hive-engine balances to be worth less HIVE. At the same time, I dont think BTC would be trading at $60,000 if HIVE were trading at $100 so the numbers are very rough and to be used as a visual aid for helping to understand why the price of SPI tokens are any 2nd layer HIVE token might decrease in HIVE but actually increase in dollar value. These are not predictions.

Interestingly, if HIVE were to hit $5-6 dollars this bullrun, the SPInvest fund would be worth more than a million dollars. Who would ever have guessed 1 year ago the SPI token fund would be worth over $200,000? Well, I and a few others would have guessed but it feels less like guessing when you see the number of work hours going into the project. That's not $200,000 in hive-engine tokens are gaming NFT's that are unsellable without crashing the prices either. It's about $110,000 in instantly sellable assets, $70,000 in HIVE and LEO wallets and $20,000 in HE tokens and gaming. We are pretty liquid and with HIVE and LEO being or only balances time-locked to power-downs. As we never really plan to sell HIVE or LEO, not really a problem and dont really care.


We've been pushing SPI tokens for almost 20 months, I am personally at the point where I think I've said everything I can possibly say about SPI's, I would just be repeating myself. People wanna know what SPinvest is, without sounding lazy, SPinvest has uploaded over 500 posts explaining what it is and doing your own research might bring better results compared to asking someone that is highly invested in it. I get a few people a month saying to me, they are bummed out they missed out on SPI when it was cheap, while I've been personally buying SPI tokens from the exchange at a 20%+ discount for the past 6 months and im thinking? paying under 80 cents for a dollar is pretty cheap so why BS me? With 95,000 circulating tokens, they always someone selling.


It makes no difference to me are any token holder what price the SPI token trades for on the exchange. All you have to ask yourself is will SPinvest be worth more are less in the future?

Thank you for reading through today's post, I hope you have enjoyed it.

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It is a good thing some people are selling, I still need a few more to get to my 100 mark. I reached my goals on the less expensive at the time tokens, and now am concentrating on SPI, then the next target token will will be the eddies. I am almost at 40 on my SPI, and Monday I hope to make it 42.

The nice thing about it all, is slow growth, and I have not deposited anything to HE in some time now, it is mostly all the little drips from my goal post that are allowing me to buy the SPI's.

A slow growth and wealth build, but still when it comes to a long term outlook it is steady growth and wealth build.

Nice plan there to gradually build you stake over time.
Feel free to comment on the Saturday Savers Club post (a new one going up today) to get a chance to win EDSs!


I will take a look at the post. I only have the one miner and have gotten up to just over one of the EDS tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Blimey, a million dollar fund! 😍

I never get these people who "missed out", they're always missing out on something 😂.

Really nice graphics, always great to have these explainers, thank you.