2020 Crypto Savings Goal - Ways To Earn and Save Crypto - #2

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The goal is to have this amount of each crypto by the end of the year. Some of these will come from buying some trading and some will be earning from tasks.

I ended up buying just a small amount as I usually try to do with crypto and that's how I added a little bit of into Bitcoin. With that, I also ended up buying some kava and that is so far a pretty good place for defi. I'm not too up on most of the defi yet because I am still new and I do not like ethereum lately because it is costly for gas at the moment.

I ended up putting most of I bought into kava & BNB to see what I can do with lending. I did not lock it for USDX as that is not a smart idea right now as I don't need it. What I did was leave it to earn some Kava rewards and see how that works.

Crypto Goal -


this week I earned 5K blurt just from Witness Node, Posting and Curation. As I said in the post last week it is a great place to earn right now. You can keep stacking it and you never know when it will hit a big exchange and hit 10 cents maybe even more. But the team is great, the witnesses are great and there's a positive community and that's what we're looking for in crypto the positive community.

when it comes to BNB it was not a token that I was truly going to invest much in but the fact is their chain seems to be doing some amazing work. I'm not kidding decentralized is where it's at this year for decentralized exchanges I mean. with BNB Binance token it is going to go up I can see it's hitting $100 no problem in the next crypto run.

Kava is a decentralized bank for digital assets providing users with stablecoins, loans, and interest-earning opportunities for their crypto.

The KAVA token is the native staking and governance token of the Kava blockchain. Anyone who holds KAVA has ownership and a voice in the Kava platform.


Kava has its own chain which is a great thing compared to the ethereum defies that I have noticed. It is still in the early stage they have added BNB Binance token to earn Kava and you can loan it or burrow to get USDX which is not listed on any exchanges yet I do believe. When it comes to kava I believe the dates October 15th for them to add a couple more tokens like Bitcoin and that is going to be a much better spot to earn interest than just having BNB.

Hive Trail - https://hive.vote/dash.php?trail=skylinebuds&i=1

Earn Nano - https://quicrypto.page.link/XnZV


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