2020 Crypto Savings Goal - Ways To Earn and Save Crypto - #1

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I am going to start crypto goals with some easier ones.

The goal is to have this amount of each crypto by the end of the year. Some of these will come from buying some trading and some will be earning from tasks.

Crypto Goal -


The goal for BTC and ETH are starting fresh, The reason for this is to add them to my current stash.

The plan is to do a weekly post and explain what I had done that week to earn or bought some crypto. With the first week, I will explain that right now is a great time to earn Blurt. The Blurt blockchain is still new so now is the time to earn some great coins to hold for the future.

IF you had a steem account before May 20 you will already have a blurt account but if you had not you can get one over on https://register.blurt.buzz/
Some of the blurt curation accounts are

You can find quite a few more and a great growing community to vote for your post.

I have many plans to follow and add some defi projects to this list. one Project I have been looking into is the kava project and blockfi. Do you use defi? If so please let me know in the comments.

Hive Trail - https://hive.vote/dash.php?trail=skylinebuds&i=1

Earn Nano - https://quicrypto.page.link/XnZV


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You can find me in the canna-curate discord or the blurt discord at any time.

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I wish I could get blurt lost my last steem account. Actually the phone dropped from the world, it's been long gone though not upset about it honestly if anyone can get in it they can have whats there,

that suck, got to back up them keys in more places or at least use lastpass to get a quick restore.

You can get a new blurt account @ https://blurt.buzz/

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I'll check it out thanks

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