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RE: The Hive Expansion

in LeoFinance3 months ago

The real trick is getting facebook and instagram normies to change over. They are used to dumbed down interfaces with one image posts and only one password to use. Most can't be bothered to take the time to wait for the hive account to activate either.


I think that at the moment Hive is not yet ready to welcome these people. It's still a bit too complicated to get started for them. On the other hand it's now much easier to get started for people who already know what a wallet is and how to use keys. When I look at what Leofinance is doing, I believe we are going into the good direction to make hive accessible for the normies ou there. Thanks a lot for your comment!


Hive is better off without the dumpster fire of normie users anyway.

I quite agree with you :-)

The before you know it, they will be bringing censorship with them and denial of service attacks.

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