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RE: Hivers & Crypto Twitter - Are we doing it right? - ¿Lo estamos haciendo bien?

in LeoFinance2 months ago

There are a lot of onboarding problems we need to address. First, HIVE is a toolbox and most Filthbook users (It's the Jerry Springer of social media, after all) want a toybox.

Another issue leans on the first and that is people looking to play are actively resistant to work.

We're are, or at least seem to try to be, a proactive, progressive, forward thinking group and that's not the FB crowd. They don't care about how good things are gonna be. They want, either, good things now or bad things for someone else to distract from the lack of good things now.

Maybe we should start a smear campaign. I don't really like the idea of attacking people, but from what I can see there are a lot of people who should be ashamed and they seem to act like they don't know it (although I suspect they really do).

No one is shaming people for blatant ignorance, for believing stupidity, for giving time and energy to platforms that don't respect or appreciate them or give them anything of value in return, and on and on. If FB was a spouse we'd divorce it, but every day idiots pop in and out for their fleecing. Maybe we should reflect that a little more and see how that goes. Anyone want to locate, target, humiliate and transplant an uppity FB group so we can have a landfill for the rest of the world to play in?