Rabona Financials : Does a 2250% ROI sound too good to be true?

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This has been long, long overdue! Dada has been telling me for months to write about how much I "earn" from playing @rabona but time has been an issue (still is), but time will always be an issue. So what the hell, let's get on with it.

I probably still wouldn't be able to crunch out the numbers had it not been for the HiveTogether Tool that I just came to know about from @acidyo 's post from yesterday where he did a similar analysis of his investment on Rabona.

You may have noticed how I used the word "earn" in the first passage. The reason is, I don't really earn anything from Rabona, or any blockchain game for that matter. I am morally obliged to not take any money out. So whatever the game generates, it gets put back straight into the game to do training and stuff! With that out of the way, let's move forward.

One of the reasons I was putting off writing this post is because the major chunk of my return from the game was coming from the fact that Dada decided to support my team by buying a chunk of RBN from me every season, not that he needed the RBN, he just wanted to show support. But the reality is, not everyone has a well wisher like dada. So the numbers would have been vastly misleading.

But now with the exchange live, it is quite possible for people to get some returns of HIVE from RBN generated within the game. This is despite people dumping RBN left right up and down!


I have refrained from selling RBN at such low prices. But just to prove a point for this post I sold nearly 20 million RBN to eat up a good portion of the buy orders. Now this is not a very significant portion of my RBN holdings and I'll recover this amount in probably less than 12 matches. If you're playing in the lower leagues, it'll be a bit longer. The point is, even with such low prices I sold these RBN for about 140 HIVE. What you do with your 140 HIVE is up to you, I'll be using them to reset training sessions! I have created a separate account (@phoenix.inc) to hold all the hive I have extra from the game that I am not going to utilize immediately.

Finally, My actual Numbers

I used the Hive Together tool to fetch all the transactions from my account to the @rabona account and manually added up the numbers...I may have missed a few transactions here and there (there were a LOT of transactions).

  1. I have sold 1,886 HIVE worth of RBN to dada.
  2. I have received roughly 324 HIVE as season end rewards (I have consistently finished pretty high in the league of champions)
  3. And finally I have sold roughly 140 HIVE worth of RBN on the exchange.

It totals to 2350 HIVE "earned" from the game for an initial investment of 32 HIVE starter pack and maybe only 4-5 extra training sessions. Say 100 HIVE in total initial investment. That is 2250%, no kidding!

Even after 2-3 seasons into the League of Champions I did no significant extra training sessions, so it is possible to climb up the leagues without too much money put in if you play your cards wisely. But it is difficult to win the LoC without the extra funds. If you are just an investor, that shouldn't be a problem for you. But I like to win.

So it was nice to have that extra bit of training funds, which again, I only got because I was lucky enough to have a well-wisher!

But as I said, I am morally bound to not take any money out of the game, I put it all back in for training, freezing and unfreezing during/before/after training sessions (these are techniques that requires detailed explaining....maybe another post with tips and tricks ;)).

Because there were too many transactions, I mostly overestimated how much I spent for training and freezing instead of adding up 50 individual transactions to the decimal one by one...it added up to roughly 2260 HIVE. And I still have about 130 HIVE in my @phoenix.inc account for further training in the coming seasons.

Final Thoughts

Players who started playing from the very beginning have been waiting for months to cash HIVE out some of their "earnings," so such a dump was not unexpected. But I am seriously hoping people will see the possibilities and stop dumping so heavily.

So here's a simple brain teaser for you guys....even 1/5 th of the peg price would be something phenomenal.

Hint : The current price is roughly 1/20 th of the Peg price on average. At the current price I could be "earning" 1000 HIVE every 30 days in the League of champions.

Do the math ;)

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Haha, great one - I did same research following @acidyo post but honestly the tool results require a lot manual check - I see you are probably one of the best managers in the entire game so success is clear.

Some questions I have:

  1. Who / What is dada?

  2. Adding rewards back to the game is great - doing the same and far from any ROI

  3. Your calculation - I do not get how you end up with totals to 2350 HIVE "earned" is that minus all invest into freezing / trainings?

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Your calculation - I do not get how you end up with totals to 2350 HIVE "earned" is that minus all invest into freezing / trainings?

Okay...let's see if i can explain this :D

Remember a few seasons back I told you I was training my bench players...

So the "earned" part is 2350 HIVE which I could have easily pocketed and kept for myself. But I have certain reason I can't "accept" the money from games etc. So I could just let it stay in my spare account. But since I am not going to ever use them for myself, those are destined to go back into the game. So I just put them back in to train. So it's like at one point I didn't need to train, but I still did it anyways to get rid of it. But I'll admit just recently with the teams in LoC getting stronger, I had to do a few sessions on my current playing team too.

Adding rewards back to the game is great - doing the same and far from any ROI

ROI is not really an issue for me as long as I break even and am not too much in negative. The fun is more important :D

Who / What is dada?

Isn't that the mystery! xD xD I'll give you a hint, you'll easily figure this out if you visit the community page of BDCommunity, especially if you check out our magazine Turni ;)

Thanks dude - now it get most of it - so I will update my "earned rewards" too or re-calculate my first maths (I also did a lot extra trainings and freeze which i deducted from the reward thing) to compare (if I find all transactions). Excellent attitude buddy!

Now on to your BD community.

Now on to your BD community.

You will not be disappointed ;) Do drop by our discord too sometime! You'll find a lot of familiar faces ;)

I am pretty sure to be a member, long ago i was checking there - too many discords to handle

dada is a good sport

@uwelang hehe Acid knows 😉

You are a honorable pro-gamer.

Haha not even close to being a pro-gamer :D I'm in for the fun! xD

A pro-gamer in for the fun. Even better.



Well done doc!

This is phenomenal performance and it is only possible because of your passion for the game. That said, I don’t think this can be easily replicated. Right now the token economy for RBN is not great. Most of the RBN is stored into some early adopters and not getting distributed. There is little incentive to buy RBN. Also the game remains rudimentary. I like the game, please don’t get me wrong. However to appeal a broader audience both front end improvements and token economy matters. And it must happen quickly. Just look at League 3 and most of League 2... it’s a graveyard of defunct teams and bots. Several lower leagues with zombie teams must be manually discarded.

I couldn't agree more!

There is little incentive to buy RBN.

Yes I have been pointing this out as well, and that's reflecting on the price. Not sure what price players are willing to pay for the collectible players, but I'd guess this will bring some incentive back. More interesting is what I told you earlier about external exchange...when that will happen though, we'll have to wait and see.

Besides front-end improvement, some 2d simulation of the matches played would be fantastic. But the next step is going to be match commentary, which I'm sure i will like and you will too :P But a simulation should be a target of the devs (it probably is).

The distribution is not great, and you raised this issue already about multiple teams....but for a blockchain game...it's hard to tackle. There's no easy solution to this, yet.

That said, I don’t think this can be easily replicated.

100% agree.

You are right, I am not very happy yet with the economics of RBN - we need more things to spend it on. Also, the one thing that has not yet worked out the way I had thought is the development of salaries. I had thought that top players would cost much higher salaries, which would bring down inflation. I can assure you that we will be working on this.

Awesome! Congratulation!

Thanks man!

Thanks for sharing.
I'm of same views, it's not just we want money back but all the fun we get while playing and overcoming new challenges. I really like the game and mechanics. really tricky and that's where fund lies. Earning comes the sideways.

Spoken my mind! Absolutely, it's the fun that matters more! As long as we are enjoying and spending/earning are within a reasonable ratio, it's all cool!

Rabona is most neglected game by me . I finally bought starter pack a week ago and purchased 1 million RBN too, then again I put this in cold box. May be your post might motivate me to look again.

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I agree, but isn't that the case with most games in the early days ;) Rabona is still in the testing phase, we're constantly suggesting stuff and the thing I like is that the devs listen and try to implement what the players are saying. So with time, this will improve :))