Accessing CUBFinance from Phone, Bypassing Metamask entirely

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Metamask is complicated for a beginner. Period!

I didn't get into pancakeswap LPs because I found the whole metamask thing too complicated. I didn't get into bakeryswap LPs because guess what! Yeah, I found metamask too complicated.

I still find metamask complicated (I have finally cracked the code, but I still prefer the phone app) and would have "most likely" stayed away from the CUBFinance LPs too. Boy what a mistake that would have been LMAO!

It's not just me, most new users I have spoken to found metamask too complicated and is the one thing that was stopping them from using cubfinance! Which is why I find the Trust Wallet so great and makes me want to buy up some more TWT because once people start seeing how easy it is, it will get pretty popular pretty soon! *not financial advice

I was guiding @uwelang through the whole process of using trust wallet.

So why not just write it down here and we can just point anyone else who wants to get involved here. Remember we still have 7 good days of 2 CUB/Block left!

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Download the Trust Wallet - Create a Multi-Token Wallet.

TW will automatically create a multi token wallet for you when you create your first wallet. If it doesn't, screw it select multi-token wallet option manually to create your wallet.

Save the seed phrase.


I you notice carefully, the ETH address, BNB address, BUSD address....literally every erc20 token address or addresses of the tokens on BSC(BEP20) network is the same. It's all a bit confusing at first, So I will suggest you stick to using you ETH address for all purposes.

Send BNB to the ETH address, send BUSD to the ETH address, send CUB to the ETH address, send your house mortgage to the ETH address. You get the idea!



Click on the Dapps tab and type in (or any other platforms you want to use in the future). Once the page loads, click on Connect at the top right corner and select Trust wallet.

Look at the arrow in the image below. Make sure the Binance Smart Chain icon is selected. Sometimes the ETH symbol may be set by default, simply click it and change it ti the Binance Smart Chain.



There are DENs and Farms for you to stake and earn rewards. Dens are zero risk, but the returns are equally less. Farms are higher risk and you may be subject to impermanent losses. Do your own research on this before diving in.


Once you have decided where you want to stake, you get to work. I have already written in detail about the steps with screenshots to make your journey easier in two different posts.

Post with details to staking in the Den.
Post with details to providing Liquidity and staking LP tokens in the Farms.


The interesting thing was when Uwe said to me he want to use it on the desktop version but bypass metamask. Up until this morning I myself wasn't aware if this was possible because I couldn't link my browser kept acting weird.

But, there is a much much easier way to connect your trust wallet to the desktop site.

Go to from your laptop/pc and click on connect at the top right corner.


The trick is, you do not select "Trust Wallet" from the options to connect to your trust wallet. This is what I wasn't aware of until this morning when I decided to experiment. "Wallet Connect" does the trick. When you click Wallet Connect, a QR code will appear on your screen. Then you go to settings on your Trust Wallet mobile app and select "Wallet connect" and a scanner will pop up.


Once you scan the code, your wallet is now connected. But the problem is, the Exchange page gets disconnected every time and is not possible to reconnect.

I'm still trying to figure out if there is a way to fix this. If I do find one, I will edit this post and add it in this section.

CUBFinance has BDC at its grips!

All we talk about on the BDC discord right now seems to be exclusively cubfinance! And why wouldn't it be! I can't remember when was the alst time every single one of went ALL IN on one single project and were in profit withing less than 24 hours....every single one of us, at the same frigging time!

It is truly fascinating how this seemed to bring everyone on the same boat, pushing each other forward! Most of us (except dada perhaps) has made their biggest investments ever on CUBFinance.

Wen $20 CUB eh!

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Thanks again dude - i would have been lost without you. I have Meta Mask since ages but everytime a headache when I need to use it.

@uwelang critically helpful for me too, especially the advice for moving to the trust wallet. I had a terrible go of it with the Binance Smart Wallet which basically had an internal server meltdown and displayed 0 balances across new wallets for eight hours. Good times. Much ease of troubleshoot.

Hope you and the music community are doing well!

He he no worries :D

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I did it through metamask and the truth is that it is complicated, but I think it is still beneficial since it will serve for other transactions.

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I linked my metamask too, but I still prefer the phone :D

but I think it is still beneficial since it will serve for other transactions.

Actually you can do virtually everything you can do with metamask, with Trust wallet too...pancakeswap...uniswap...etc etc. Which is why I like it so far.

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Yeah, Metamask is complicated, a little bit but I did it. Also, I connect to LeoFi, find DEN but the problem I have right now is that I don't have any BNB for fees. Need to buy it somewhere and sent it to my Metamask... ugh... a really complicated process...

Hang in there mate! It's just the beginning that seems all fuzzy lol!

You can buy bnb on binance and send to your wallet directly using the Bep20(BSC) network. Pretty fast.

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Yeah I know that. I have Binance account but it's more than three hours I'm waiting for verification code ... urgh ...

After clicking the "send code" button it takes 3 hours? :O

Well, I don't know. It's unusual. So I ask support via chat and they say I'll get the answer in 24 hours ... strange...

When you talked about Metamask, I chuckled, yeah, it is a bit tough to configure a thing like that even for me. Bypassing Metamask is a good idea.

I've not used Leo Finance yet, I'm just on the Hive Blog app, but I think Leo is like a side chain of Hive or that aspects of it might be apart from a post like this. Is CUB Finance an app of Leo Finance, is it somewhat connected or related?

Hey there! Good day!

So LEO is not exactly a side chain, although I understand what you are trying to mean. To be precise leofinance is a second layer blogging platform/front end built on top of the HIVE Blockchain. LEO is the tribe token of Leofinance which is distributed in a similar fashion how hive is distributed - upvotes...only in this case it is for posts that were posted through the front-end instead of hive blog or posts posted from but has the leo tag used.

Your hive account and your leofinance account is basically the same thing and you can log into leofinance using your hive adress and keys.

But LEO team is working on a hive side chain I think...not live yet.

CUB Finance is an extension of the Leofinance project on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Alright. Got it. That makes sense. Thanks.

Can't Approve the Contract fom IPhone, really annoying. Thanks anyway!

Never used iPhone man. What error are you getting when you try to approve contract?

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The button gets pressed and the Wallet disconnects.

Hmm right, there's a comment below I tagged you in that addressed this issue. See if that works for you...?

I could 'repair' the MetaMask (even if it's a bit annoying), but that seems to be the only problem with CUB usage. Most of the tutorials also skip on the details of that part, since it's kinda not a cub problem. long as it works and you're able to stake eh! :D

Yap yap, dropped some funds into the pools. How often do you harvest?

Here's the guide for how to re-enable the Dapp browser in the IOS version of Trust, from their site:

I had to use Trust also. Metamask is fucking retarded.

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I'm still mad I couldn't figure metamask out in the early days of pancakeswap when Cake was priced below $1!

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Good evening. Thank you very much for the informative post, I love posts like this, where you can see a lot of useful tips. Good luck to you.

Cheers! Glad you found this helpful :)

I did as you wrote, I sent my mortgage to the eth address but the bank still wants me to pay...

Good one! 😂😂😂

Your bank needs a chill-pill!

FYI for iOS users: there is a way to enable the DAPP browser option in Trust via a safari command (it’s in the Trust wallet documentation) even on IOS. You can then navigate to cubdefi within the dapp browser in the wallet itself and it won’t disconnect.

Thanks for all the informative posts on getting started. I’m finally setup via phone wallet and it is profoundly easier to deal with than expected. I had NO luck with binance smart wallet .... the entire network went down and was showing 0 balances across wallets all day yesterday so I had to create a trust wallet and point it at my bsc address to even interact. Not exactly grandma and grandpa friendly haha

Haha yeah, it's pretty complex! But hey, excellent job on getting started!

@manniman Maybe this is something that could help you with the iOS issues..?

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I also used trustwallet instead of metamask
It is much more easier
Thank you

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And probably the only solution to access from the phone! Comes in handy when you're on the road.

So, why is metamask complicated again? LOL

Absolutely no clue dada. It just didn’t pop up the connection prompt for me. I had a hard time trying to connect it with anything.

WOH I may need to start using this one as I honestly dislike how metamask works. Just something about it that UI is clunky and confusing.

If you're a phone guy lke I am, it doesn’t get better than this at the moment!

On the laptop, unfortunately there's no way aroumd metamask yet. I managed to link from my phone to the homepage of cubfinance, but the exchange page is still buggy without metamask.

But I have been doing everything from the phone for the last week or so, and there were no disadvantages compared to the desktop site.

I try and go phone for things but so many are not built for it so I'll need to check this out for sure thanks! Nearly 65% of traffic if not more now hits websites via mobile but so many are unfriendly to it still.

I hear ya! Our lifestyle has become such that we're almost always on the run! I'm sure sooner or later project developers will make this a priority!

As for cubfinance and trust wallet, perfectly mobile friendly!

So in this case i got lucky, right? As my whole procedures are thorough phone and i got trust wallet on my side on such a good project.

Investments? Almost all in! 😜

Hehe not "lucky," smart! 😉

After using trust wallet myself, I'm feeling pretty good about my Trust wallet tokens 😃