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RE: Stacking scarcity

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Nice Workshop.
How long ago did you buy it?

I remember opening those in packs.

I agree I think cards like that are great investments.


around 1 year ago.

Wow you are a real OG. I started playing with Ice age but stopped quickly after my friends moved on to other stuff.

Did you play through all that time or did you have breaks as well?

You still have self pulled Workshops, that adds a whole new layer of coolness and nostalgic to it.

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I played up until Time Spiral with no breaks.

you still a collector?

A bit mostly old stuff
I have moved into graded lately
My prize (it is a personal not high dollar) is an Alpha Gem Min 9.5 Lord of the Pit
and a GEM Min 10 Library of Alexandria that I opened way back in the day and had sealed in a high end case once i pulled it and finally had graded in 2012.

Prices have gone crazy the last few years.
I still hunt for cards and now Pokemon cards at garage sales in the summer ;)

Wow those are some pretty awsome cards. I don`t think I have ever seen a 10 Library on the market even.

I was planning on going on flea markets etc but you know...covid :-(

Did you still have good finds? I would feel everything has been picked

Yeah everyone always thinks everything is picked and
then some old collection pops up.

I know there is no 10 Libraries on the market.
I have quite a few friends form our days playing that have an amazing amount of things that are not on the market.

There are good finds still but I think we are about 5 - 10 years away from more of them hitting the market.

I pick/collect a lot of old things and they go in waves.

That is just my view of the markets, other people have other views.

I will try my luck as soon as I can be on a flea market as I am starting to collect more stuff they become more intersting again