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RE: Story | My Epic Journey Into CubDefi

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So funny. I did the same thing.
Used Ionomy for BNB and then realized metamask had the BSC.

Had to figure out to use the binance wallet also.

Glad to see I wasn't the only one going through this. :)

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I felt like an idiot till I realized so many others ran into he same issue.

Least now many are talking about it and people who could not figure it out are.

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I felt like an idiot also. Never did DeFi or ETH fees before. 😃

Thankfully BNB fees are kinder and it's overall much quicker than ETH. I need to work out a better understanding of how I should price my gas so I pay less and just wait a moment.

I’m just glad I did not have to pay hundreds in ETH gas and wait a day to do all the transactions to get in.

Paying gas alone is a reason to never want to leave the Hive blockchain hehe.

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