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If you want to do something, do it! Do it right now... just do it!

If you want to save, start a savings plan now... because believe me, an incredible amount of time will go by, it will slip through your fingers, and you would have not done it.


Fear and Greed

It's very hard to separate emotion from money. I am certainly bad at it. Fear is a powerful motivator. It will get you to act irrationally. Those that can remove fear from their investment decisions... well, I tip my hat to them.

Greed is something that will set you back too because it will keep you from taking profits when you have to. We all know this intuitively. But it still grips us when we are in the middle of it.

Easy when you are not invested

It's weird when you are looking at a risk asset that you don't have a position in. You can easily say, "yeah, it is a good investment"... you can be so objective and have a thousand opinion on the matter.

But once you commit your money in, now you are on that fear roller coaster.

I invest in conservative companies. I buy stocks monthly, with dividends reinvested. Then I forget about it, checking my investments only once or twice yearly. So far so good in that area!

BTW, my investments are considered "payments", and they come out from me personal budget as such.

Stack in precious metals

I also stack precious metals.

This comes out of my "discretionary income". It is money that I can save or spend whichever way I please.

I buy precious metals monthly, going off a list. I prefer coins to generic silver. I choose generic silver for their designs, otherwise I will stick with coins. 1-ounce coins and fractional silver and gold in coins.. this is what I prefer. I shy away from hand-poured silver because I have enough of it. I buy what I like!

There is less of the fear factor in precious metals.

You hold it, and you own it.


Best Regards,


I am not a financial adviser. This article is not meant to be financial advice. My articles on cryptos and precious metals share my personal opinion, experiences, and general information on cryptos and precious metals.
All photos, gif, and video were taken by me with my iPhone6, unless specified.

Thank you for stopping by to view this article.

I post an article daily, and I hope to see you again soon!

Hugs and Kisses 🥰🌺🤙!!!!

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nice stash of silver.
Me wish I got that many silver.

Ahhh... you have gold too!
I like my stack, hehehe!
A turn deserves another... So I will go to you blog now!

Most of those are not mine. I just do video about it.
Most of the gold coin I ask the owner permission to do video.
If I buy it,I will go broke.

I generally find that greed goes out the window if your not gonna sell, i am currently trying to convert my cutlery draw to silver and everything i buy i put away for when i retire. Remember dont over pay and enjoy what you buy

Yes, it is at bay because we aren't selling... yet!
Sounds like you have a plan, @monsterjamgold!

I have a very conservative Retirement portfolio on the side in parallel with my Precious metals stacking savings along with a public run pensions and a Company penison in tandem. So, were no One-Trick pony here. Add, a Passive income.

Always, with love and common sense.

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Hahaha... I love it!!!
Sit pretty, stack some here and there, retire.... SWEET!

Hugs and kisses, sis 🥰🌺🤙!!!!

wow!!!! just wow! hope i can stack more this is so inspiring.

You will!!!
Just take it slow and sure!!!
You will!!!

I'm glad that I am inspiring you, @psychkrhoz! At least for this post, I have made my objective.
Enjoy the day, my friend!

You have quite the shinny stack of coins there 😍! Mine are dull and used 😕. You go about it the right way (in my opinion). When ever we have a car payment or other payment that ends, I still like paying that toward something else.. some other investment.. gold or stocks and some crypto. Timing is everything in the stock market and the fear train is not fun to ride. Buy and HODL is key. Then time your exit appropriately. Too many looking to 'Get Rich Quick'. Ummm.. that doesn't happen unless you are extremely lucky and have impeccable timing. A little every month is all it takes. 😁 then one day down the road...

Indeed. A little at a time!
Slow and steady.
Month after month!
It's the month of May already, many have not saved!
“Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.”
― Warren Buffett
This works!

I saved! I saved! in the month of May I saved!!! lol. I tend to put away all throughout the month. I have auto debits set up to snatch that dough before I have a chance at spending it on something useless like scotch, beer, Jeep parts, or antiques. hehe. Don't worry.. I save some for that stuff too :-)

Good for you!
Yeah, since cash reserves were met and kept on hand, I leave it in the bank where it earns better than the usual savings account. I'm totally cool with that.

Thanks for the insight, @silversaver888. The Silver Train is moving, now may be the last chance to get on.

Be sure to come to the next blogs. I'll show my Canadian old coins!

Thank you @cve3, and have a nice day!

Nice stash you ve got there. Totally agree about saving, and doing it now. I started saving and investing since I was 21, I got so far ahead I was able to travel the world and live mostly off of investments since age 25. No wonder they never teach people about money in school, they don't want people getting off the plantation.

Great post, following and putting you on my auto voter to give you a little extra support. Keep up the great blog!

From Koh Phagnan Thailand,

-Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Hello @world-travel-pro! I followed you too!!!

Yeah, the school system here does not give the right amount of focus to such subject matters. I think that every year, starting in middle school to high school, a certain amount of hours be devoted to Money Management. It is a life skill!

Congratulations on your accomplishment! Kudos to you for knowing the importance of saving!

I learned to save only recently... about six years ago when I met the Silver Stacking Community of YouTube. That was when I started to pay all revolving debt. I am revolving debt-free now, thank God. So now I opened this blog partly to share my stacking journey as a way to save on precious metals.

I truly appreciate the support!!!!!
I'll be relying on your auto-vote tremendously, my friend!

Thank you. I was lucky to have parents and a family that understoon the importance of saving, they started me off with an antique piggy bank as a young child. Then I was mowing lawns at 13 saving for my first car at 16. So I'm fortunate in that manner. Congratulations on being debt free. No longer a debt slave! That's a big deal, you are on your way!

I'm happy I can support your blog with the auto vote.

I'll be in touch,

Have a great day!

You are lucky!
But woot, woot! I am no longer a debt slave!!! Hehehe!!!

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Dang, @SS888 I hate that stock market with a passion, but if you are in the right companies you may be just fine no matter what happens. BUT, for a Big Reset. Maybe the best blue chips will be OK, but the old brick and mortar companies are getting left behind in the dust. I have a video that explains this quite well, and it was basically the impetus to get me moved completely to the future of investing. I'll DM you instead of spamming your feed, dear lady 💖

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Okay, Mr @underground!
Nope, solid as can be... I just checked!


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I !LUV being First Ms. Saver @silversaver888

First, @stocjockey!!!
Hahaha, I remember on YouTube, you had no comment but "First".

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Thank you, @stokjockey!


I'm stacking up bitcoin right now to buy more silver

There you go!

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You're welcome @silversaver888, it is always a pleasure!!! We wish you a happy buzzy week 😊😉👍

I think its good your not always looking at the market. I get stressed sometimes when things go red but I tend to just look at my plan for that trade.

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I should actually look more often given the amount of investment involved, and hard-earned! But it works out to check it it twice a year. It averages out... I'm good!

So very true! What first got me into stacking was the designs of the obverse side of the rounds or coins. Yep, first time to the LCS those years ago, and I was hooked! @silvertop knew I wouldn't be able to resist. I have always bought just what I liked. Nice pictures of part of your stack! Take care sis!🤗😘💕🌸

Yikes, I go crazy inside every tie I am in the LCS. Good thing there is none close-by, lol!
It is best to buy only what you like, and not shop the hype. This way, you'll always want it!

Hugs and kisses sis 🥰🌺🤙!!

We are all walking a thin line, when to hold, when to take profit. Excellent post my friend!🤗

I have never sold any of my stocks or any of my stack!
I don't know for how long. I guess when the need arises.

Have a nice day @silvertop🤗

Long term investments @silversaver888 ...I think that's a very wise plan my friend!😀

Nice stack ;)

I'm glad you think so, @orlandumake!

Have a nice day, my friend!

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