1965 Canada Silver Dollar

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I have a narrow approach to buying silver and gold and very confident with my strategy.

All I know is the big debate out there is not about what type of silver or gold or crypto to buy.

The big debate out there is the way the world is structured: the rich getting richer, the middle class is shrinking, money printing vs austerity, solutions to some of these problems.

This is where the real divergence in views that people have... and not type of silver or gold or crypto to buy.


1965 Canada Silver Dollar

A voyageur and an aboriginal traveling by canoe, carrying bundles of which one bears the initials "HB" for Hudson's Bay Company, with the denomination at the bottom and the country name at the top. Engraver: Emanuel Otto Hahn.

The voyageurs were 18th and 19th century French Canadians who engaged in the transporting of furs via canoe during the peak of the North American fur trade. The emblematic meaning of the term applies to places and times where transportation of materials was mainly over long distances. The voyageurs were regarded as legendary. They were heroes celebrated in folklore and music. For reasons of promised celebrity status and wealth, this position was coveted.

Obverse: The portrait of Queen Elizabeth II facing right from when she was 39 years old. The inscription is ELIZABETH II D·G·REGINA which is translated: Elizabeth II, Queen by the grace of God. Engraver: Arnold Machin

We refer to the design of the obverse as the "long neck" queen. I love this profile of Elizabeth.


These are circulating Canadian Silver Dollars. I have shown you the Totem Pole and the Voyageur. Next up, is the third coin. Stay tuned!


Source: Numista, Wikipedia

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1966 & 1965 are the most numerous uncirculated silver dollars which were largely squirreled away when Grescham's law was in full swing. Rolls and rolls hoarded from banks as the silver coinage finally became officially demonetized in Canada in 1968. There was a sloppy transition with 1967 and 1968 dimes and quarters IMHO.
You have a beautiful 1965 specimen of a coin Sis!

Always, with love eh? 🤗 🌺 💖

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It s like our 90% US Constitutional coins!
So get them while you can!'

Hugs and Kisses sis 🥰🌺🤙!

A Penny For Your Thoughts...........

By: AGWire™ May 7, 2021

We reminisce back to the early 1970’s, when collectors were buying AG / G Barber Dimes from the LCS for twelve cents each. Yes, they were worn, probably 90% of minted weight, but still an apparent deal at just 1.2X face value, in other words, a $5 roll of silver dimes for $6. That was at a time where you could still go into your local bank and ask if they had any silver coins, and they would gladly swap those with you for the newer clad coins, as the tellers complained that their hands would get so dirty with the silver coins in their trays. What a beautiful thought!!!
Now 50+ years later, and those same silver coins are trading at 20x+ current face value, so that worn Barber Dime is an easy $2.00, likely way more if you can find one. Conversely, those shiny new clad coins from 1965 on are still not worth their weight in base metal (except nickels, a different story that’s worth exploring at another time, as they’re now worth 1.2X Face, reminiscent of that ol’ Barber Dime!)
US Pennies used to be made of 95% copper and 5% zinc, until sometime in mid 1982 when the US Mint decided to debase them to 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. You can feel and hear the difference between the copper and zinc pennies. With the recent surge in Copper prices (inflation!), those 1982 and prior copper pennies are now worth THREE CENTS. That’s 3X face value for a coin still in circulation. Compare that to the old Barber Dimes we were buying at 1.2X face, thinking THAT was a good deal. These copper pennies are STILL circulating at FACE VALUE.Granted, the US Government has rendered it illegal to melt current coinage (silver excepted), but there will come a day when that milk jug full of copper pennies is worth a Mint, and it won’t cost you much to get there!
One of our collector friends has a business that focuses on just this, sorting the copper pennies from the zinc based pennies, and selling $100 Face Value bags (10,000 pennies and nearly 70 pounds!) of copper pennies for over $200 each. STILL a bargain when the copper value alone is $300+!If you’re looking for that inflation play and enjoy looking through your loose change, consider putting the copper pennies aside. We’ve seen this before, 3X face value today will be 10X face in a few years, and the sky’s the limit. And today they’re only a Penny (and worth THREE!)That’s our two cents,

Always a favorite piece to add in my stack... I bet I know your 3rd one😉

I bet you know what it is!!!
Hahaha... you know me too well, @fat-elvis!!!!

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North American fur trade

It's like reading a history book. I don't really know if the trade is still taking place since everything has been streamlined with planes and factories.

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What do you think?

Lol. I think the fur trade is outdated but I think the coin is nice to describe something that I didn't even remember. Then again it reminds me of games where you hunt monsters and get items like furs to sell or use them to craft items.

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how are you dear friend @ silversaver888 good night
thank you very much for sharing your knowledge
What a beautiful specimen and how good that it is among your batteries
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid weekend

Hello @jlufer!!!
Nice to hear from you!
The coin is Brilliant Uncirculated, which is why it is in great condition!

Have a great weekend!

Very nice! I like the reverse side of the coin's detailing. I'm waiting for the third one.......🤗😘💕🌸

Today... it is scheduled for today, the third one.
Watch out for it, sis!
Hugs and Kisses 🥰🌺🤙!!

I will go check it out!🤗😘💕🌸

A very nice collection of Canadian Silver Dollars you are building @silversaver888!
I think you are spot on in your thinking, with housing, and building materials rising by the day, money printing to the moon....
Investing in Precious metals, stocks, Crypto these will hopefully protect our assets!

Yes... a little editorial won't hurt.
I'm glad you like these silver dollars. I think I will show the other South African coins I have.
Stay tuned, @silvertops🥰🌺🤙!!

Looking forward to these South African coins @silversaver888!😀