World Record Numismatic Events Achieve $90.68 Million

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Hello to all, SilverGoldHunter reporting for duty

And on today's blog I have a very interesting news to tell you all.

A Numismatic Event has ahieved a total a mind blowing total of $90.68 Million

A longtime collector had collected an important treasure to all new clients in an Heritage Auction in January 2021 which totalled a price of $90.68M

The total of US Coins, currency, world coins and paper money had reached a total of approx $90,687,367 which auctions took place in Florida & New York but however it was in Dallas, Texas because of Covid-19.

The coins that made headlines was the following

1787 New York-style Brasher Doubloon which sold for $9.36M and the winning bidder spemnt more than $11.9M, but not only on the Doubloon but five additional 18th century coins which was struck by craftsman Ephraim Brasher

Four Other coins were also sold for more than $1M

1804 Plain 4 Eagle $5.28M
1792 Silver Center Cent $2.52M
1885 Trade Dollar $2.1M
1796 Quarter Eagle $1.38M

And other coins finished below the $1M mark

1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar $870,000
1943-D cent struck on a bronze planchet $840,000

Now let's move on over to bank notes

A Bidding war happened on a $20 bill featuring a Del Monte banana sticker which got sold for nearly $400,000

And finally the international coins

Henry III (1216-1272) gold Penny of 20 Pence ND got sold for $720,000

A desireable 2019 coin of Elizabeth II gold Proof "Una and the Lion" 2000 Pounds (2 Kilos) which only 4 coins were strucked sold for $360,000

1714 "Royal" 8 Escudos $288,000
And finally A Russia Russian-American Company 25 Rubles got sold for $192,000

I will leave you a link for you all to read in depth

I hope that I will see you all in the blog,

Have a good day all

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