Prices to buy GOLD has jumped as index falls

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What is going on with you bloggers?

SilverGoldHunter here and today we will be discussing the price of both Silver & Gold today.

Since the last weekend that people have been buying Gold & Silver during the squeeze, Since we all knew that Covid Crisis began in February 2020 the people that have been hodling Gold has gone up by a third which is in my view a no surprises there despite the rallying.

So enough said let's look at the INDEX vs Average price


Last month that the Gold Investor Index had dropped by 2.0 to 55.4, which was at its lowest reading since February 2020 which was at the eve of the Covid-19 pandemic which had shut down both the economic and social activity

And if we look at the Average price we could see that before the pandemic it was at the highest peak of $2,000 and it is now just below $1,800.


And for Silver that the investor index has dropped by $8 but what interest me was that the average price of silver has gone up sharply during the pandemic crisis from a low of $16 to $26 which is basically a $10 increase.

So after looking at these charts it still looks interesting from the silver front.

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