I’ve have some good news for you that you should know.

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Hello and evening to all,

SilverGoldHunter here reporting for duty.

So far I have been envious on a special program which people have been using to earn a passive income.

So today I have joined the club of CakeDefi on day number 1

Now for anyone who don't know what CakeDeFi is, let me explain this to you. CakeDeFi is a platform where you can deposit and more importantly Hodl your cryptocurrency assests and it increase between every 12 Hours so basically its like a win win situation.

As you can see down below that I will deposit some DOGE with the DFI which I’ve got into the system. As I looked at there TOC stating that I would be receive my first reward after 12 to 24 Hours which is a bonus and only time will upon how much would I get from Round 1


And I will catch you all on the next blog,

Catch you then

SilverGoldHunter (SGH)


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I hope it works for you and assets are safe.

I hope so

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