Vintage Silver And Happy Labor Day...

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Happy Labor Day everyone.....

It’s a gorgeous day out in the Northeast, mid 80’s and a nice breeze. Just taking a few minutes real quick to get my post out.

In honor of Labor Day I am going to share a nice vintage beautiful coin.

The coin I am going to share is one of my favorite US coin designs. It’s the Walking Liberty half dollar. This particular coin is a 1936, which has been graded by PCGS as an MS64. It has a fantastic luster and shine with just a hint of a golden hue.

Between PCGS and NGC, the two most trusted and accurate grading companies. There are only 1288 of this coin graded higher then this one. That is a very low percentage from the original over 12 million minted.

Let’s check her out....




Hope you all enjoyed.

Happy Labor Day


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You know me... that is my absolute favorite, bestie!!!!
Thank you for showing us an excellent specimen. I am so jelly!!!!
Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Awesome coin man. '36 was a good year!

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Wow 😵 1288 of 12 million , hope you had a Happy Labor day @silverd510

One in a million baby — yeah that’s what you are!