Vintage And Low Mintage....

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Afternoon everyone....

Today I’m going to share an extremely low mintage vintage Johnson Matthey one ounce bar.

Most one ounce silver bars have hundreds of thousands produced, that is why there are no serial numbers used on bars anymore. Most of our favorite bars from Engelhard and Johnson Matthey have bar runs of 150,000 or more.

But not this one....




This one has a mintage of 5,000. It’s a Johnson Matthey “Royal Bank” one ounce silver bar. It has fantastic toning and is in premium condition. No scratches or scrapes at all.

Not only are these difficult to find because of the mintage. They are also hard to find in this condition.

Most experts in silver bar and ingot collecting say that a fair estimate of survival (meaning not melted down at some point) for most vintage bars is around 45-50%. Engelhard and Johnson Matthey because of their demand are a much lower percent at around 20-25%.

So even if we use the lower end of this number. That means that there is roughly 4,000 of these still in existence.

I haven’t checked eBay in a while for these, but the last ones I saw were selling in the mid $80 range. None of the ones I have seen look this good either.

Have a great day


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That's a pretty sweet bar, bro!!

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Thank you Sir Tooth

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Sweet bar, I remember a Stacker name HiHo silver coming across a few of these bars and he knew exactly what he got rather than using them for making his silver pours.

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I am very familiar with HiHo, i have a couple of his bars. He was very lucky

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Very nice, bestie... awesome pick-up! JM, Engelhard, and Geiger are always great bars to have in one's stack! Your stack is really amazing, bestie. Keep going!
Have a wonderful evening and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Why use a six digits number if the maximum is 5,000? Do all JM bars use the six digits number?

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The machine used was a six figure stamping machine. Every pressed bar has 6 spaces.

This is a Great Silver Bar and Yes Worth much More than the SPOT Silver Value. Thanks for showing us @silverd510

Thanks. I got this in a JM package deal from a friend. I got a pretty good price on the package.

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That’s a beauty D. Ya got me slabbering! 🤩👍

Got lucky that my wife’s godfather already had it or it wouldn’t be mine

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Nice find @silverd510, in the next Silver price run up more of the common bar will probably melt too....😯
These are safe because of the premium!👍

The problem is if people don’t know what they have and bring it to a smelter they get melted. Smelters don’t sort through anything

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So true, the last LCS I went to when the price of Silver was running up was melting everything that wasn't Numismatic......🙃

I never seen one of those before, that truly is a beautiful silver bar my friend 😍 and unique.
Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic week
Much love 🤗❤️🌹🤗

Not many around to see. It was made forcthe royal bank of Canada.

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