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Hello everyone....

No tags to support today, so..........

I thought I’d share one of the pieces I got Tuesday in the mail from @raybrockman.

From all the pieces I’ve already shown, it’s obvious that I am a big fan and supporter of Toxic Pours.

Without further ado.....

I give you the silver bulldog pour.



Another fantastic piece from Ray.

Hope you enjoyed


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Nice share mate. Good to see more work from Toxic Bullion. That pour has got ray stamped all over it :)

Thats very cool man. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on my toxic order!

That is an awesome silver bulldog, one of these days when I get caught up I will start looking into some of these amazing hand pours.

Ray does some nice work

He sure has come a long way. I need to get back to pouring this winter. Might have to try some of the sand molds. Kickass piece @silverd510!

He has. That’s not sand casted though it’s a graphite mold. I need a VG pour

Very, very nice my friend !! Plus a Hefty 3.4 oz!!😀