There’s Gold In The Box.....

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Afternoon everyone....

The weather wasn’t cooperating with my work in the shop last night. It was raining out and the humidity level was keeping the lacquer finish I had sprayed from drying.


I decided to finish going through the box that I currently have from my private storage facility.

Low and behold there was an itsy bitsy American Gold Eagle inside. I have never been a really big gold collector. It’s always been coins and silver with a small piece of gold mixed in once in a while.

As of late I’m not a big fan of the silver premiums, so I’m leaning towards gold more. Which means I’m not buying much at all.

But enough about that....

Let’s look at what I’ve got. It’s a 1/10 ounce American Gold Eagles. It’s a 1999 which doesn’t matter, there’s no numismatic value to it.

This is how I used to buy gold. The premiums on 1/10 ounce gold is as bad now as the premiums on silver are. These are by no means how to stack gold.

My suggestion would be to hold off and save enough to atleast buy a quarter ounce. Those premiums aren’t great either now but half of what the 1/10 are.

So here’s the coin...



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I'll take that gold any time, any place!
But I agree with you!
I leveled up, Lol!

While silver has more of an upside when it’s bull running. Gold is much more secure as an investment.

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Now that I have the cash/LTC, I guess it wouldn't hurt me that much if I get one of these AGE tenths for my gold stack even if is taxable vis-a-vis the cheaper Maple Leaf. What the H... it's on my shopping list. NO, lets go for the Quarter oz!

Thanks for the suggestion @silverd510, I know, I know, you are not a Financial Advisor and neither am I.

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Sounds like a plan. Nope no financial advisor but it is sound advise. Good luck shopping.

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Thank you

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I find the premiums on small gold bars a bit better than rounds, but yes, it's good advise to save up and buy lesser premiums... Advise I should probably take, lol.

I have some small bars but have had issues reselling them here. Gold bars are the most counterfeited item in the world. Nobody wants them even if they are real.

Nice to have a few dimes around for sure 👍
Primos be damned!