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RE: #fiveouncefriday: My 2020 Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and GSM Buffalo Round

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That’s a very nice goal to have. While I understand the logic you and Silver Saver have about buying the most recognized coin in the country you live. You will never recoup the premiums paid on them selling to a dealer. While I understand the prices when you want to sell will be higher your profit margin will still suffer from it. Last time Silver went nuts i sold generic silver to dealers at spot price. They were only offering $1 over spot for ASE.

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My locals, like VBCE publish their Buyback list and it's pretty clear that the Premiums are the way they are.
As I am buying Maple Leafs not to flip them for profit, nor I expect to even sell them in stable (with or without the nuts) scenario unless I must, and it has to be extraordinary as I strategically maintain a significant cash cushion so I can avoid liquidating prematurely from my stack.
My gold and silver Maple Leafs is supposed to be my gift of wealth to my kids and their kids.
In a 'Grid down' situation I may be willing to forego some margin regardless and sell some MLs to get what I need should verification be an issue.
Who knows what my retailers buyback price sheet may look like in an 'Economic grid down panic' situation but I can always find out with a quick phone call. At this point in time the Premiums may not matter.

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