New Release Royal Canadian Mint.....IS THIS A JOKE???

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Afternoon everyone....

I was just catching up on my email inbox just now and came across a NEW RELEASE email for a coin from the Royal Canadian Mint.


Ok, Somebody needs to get fired ASAP....

Whoever approved this design was either heavily medicated or totally blind.

Before I continue on my ramble of how poor this coin is, I guess that I should tell you which one it is first.

It’s the 2020 Royal Canadian Mint 2 OZ. Kraken coin.

It looks like a cartoon figure, an alien cartoon figure at that. The ONLY thing nice about the coin is that it’s 2 ounces of silver. Everything else is horrific.

Here is the disgrace of a coin:



There is ZERO CHANCE that I would buy this coin EVER!!!!!!

Is a matter of fact if I was gifted one I’d immediately put it up for sale. That’s how bad it is in my opinion.

What are your thoughts??????


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It's 2 ounces of 9999 silver.

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The only good thing about it

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Omigosh, that is horrible. I knew that Royal hag had to go, we can't afford to send fifty plus millions of dollars a year over to the Queen and her ilk anymore.
Oh you meant the reverse!
Ha ha ha ha, you're not serious.

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Both sides are hideous in my opinion, the Seahag Queen included. You pay 50 million dollars for absolutely nothing. Glad we fought the Brits and won.

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Found the article, it's very likely now $50+ Million plus the cost of guarding the newly Non-Royal Mr & Mrs Henry Windsor over on Vancouver Island.

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Well somebody had to wipe his Royal ass....💩💩💩

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Are those ships the Kraken crushed on its tentacles? The Kraken is rather slim, huh? It is a giant squid with tentacles!🐙
Have a great evening, bestie! Take care 🥰🌺🤙and a ton of hugs 🤗

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Really a creature with no backbone or skeleton can't even get out the water let alone capture a ship.🦑🐙

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Who knows it’s total trash to me. Have hugs bestie🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰

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I just picked you up three of these for your birthday. Oh well, in the trash they go. 😂🎂🎉
I kind of like it, actually. Well I did until you shit all over it. 💩

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Sure you did, good riddens. The hell you did....💩💩💩

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That is the 1st coin from the Royal Canadian Mint series - Creatures of the North. Can you imagine the others?

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Absolutely not at this point

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I am guessing it was designed about 420 in the afternoon.

It’s totally horrible

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Wow... Just wow!! We have the 2oz Queens beasts over here and Canada go for a, umm... A, ummm..... Giant squid!! Yep, that makes perfect sense.

I think whoever The Royal Mint fired from designing their Lunar series got hired by The Royal Canadian Mint to design this piece of crap.

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Ha ha ha. I literally almost clicked to order that today!! I love a ugly or weird round though.

It is ugly. Someones got to buy them.....🤣🤣🤣

Don’t let silverd influence you. It’s an awesome coin!

This is really a coin, did this just come out??? Is this a take off from the Pirates of the Caribbean???🤔

Its a new release of a new series. Its horrible

I see a good hand poured Silver bar in the making LOL!!😇

It's ugly!!🙀

No doubt

Looks like the angry squid from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Your girls could easily do a better design

Jeez. Take a valium.

I LOVE this coin. Have one on the way.

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