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Hello everyone....

Today I have decided to start the week off with some hand poured pieces from Monarch Precious Metals. They have quite an assortment of stuff and frequently have limited Edition pours as well.

One of their limited edition items is a Halloween poured piece. The design changes ever year, and these pours have a huge following and sell out within hours of release.

I was one of those people up until two years ago when I missed the release day due to a family issue. Once I broke the sequence of years it was over for me. In fact i sold the four previous years on eBay shortly after that.

Today I will share two examples of their pours.

Here they are....



This is the 2 ounce human skull pour.


This is a five ounce Viking warrior series.

Hope you enjoyed


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They do have some sweet pieces. I have the sugar skulls but never got the Halloween series. Lately just been stacking weight in hopes of a price run. LOL

They do. That makes sense it’s gonna run just not quite yet

Beautiful pours!

Thank you

Message to Monarch Precious Metals, "Please ship to CANADA!" Thank you.


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Thank you

Very nice. I really like the contrasting finish on the Viking.

They do nice work

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I love the 2 oz skulls from Precious Metals. I do not have that one, I only have the sugar skulls. The set won't be complete without that one. I wonder if they still have those available. Maybe I get them next year, LOL. I am not adding anything on my list to the end of the year. I get distracted so much by the beautiful hand-poured silver around! You know what, I have concluded that I am helpless when it comes to shinies. There is no hope for me. The list curtains impulse buying so much, except for hand-poured silver.
Take care, bestie 🥰🌺🤙