It’s Fiesta Tuesday People....

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Hello everyone.....

I am on a role now. I’ve managed to post all of the tags I created for two weeks now. That’s quite an accomplishment, since I’ve been pretty awful at it for months.

The tag is #fiestatuesday.....

It’s a fairly easy tag to comply with. As long as the coin is from a Spanish speaking country it fits. Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Spain, Portugal you get my point.

So here is today’s coin.....

It’s a 1944 Raw (meaning ungraded) 50 Centavos coin from Mexico. It’s a beauty, which I might be sending out for grading. It’s in the pile of coins to be graded that I will eventually have to a final 20 coins.

Let me know what you think of it?



Happy Fiesta Tuesday......🌮🍹🍻🧑🏽‍🌾


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Thank you

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Thank you

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Another awesome coin @silverd510!


That’s gross dude

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that coin looks pretty minty dude! Its beautiful. I say grade it, but thats based on pictures.

It’s actually nicer in hand. My issue is I currently have 34 coins in the to be graded box and only want to send 20. And still have a few more boxes to go through before i narrow it’s down to 20. Decisions decisions

Oh my... another grade beauty, bestie! Congrats@ Loving your collection! 🥰🌺🤙