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Morning everyone....

With the anticipated upcoming release from the US Mint. I thought I’d share a beautiful piece in its honor.

For those of you that are unaware. The US Mint is doing a 100 year anniversary release of both the Morgan Silver Dollar and the Peace Dollar this year. The last struck coins of both were in 1921.

What we do know so far about these upcoming releases is:

The Morgan Silver Dollar will be struck at the Denver, San Francisco and Philadelphia Mints. They are doing Morgan Silver Dollars with privy marks as well for the New Orleans and Carson City Mints.

They will be struck in .999 fine silver as apposed to the 90% silver done originally for commerce. Not much else has been released yet. No mintage figures, no information if there will be proof versions and no release date yet.

The Peace will also be struck by all three current mints, which were the only ones to ever produce it.

So today I am going to share the best version of a Peace Dollar that I have in my collection.

It’s a 1926-D, it has been graded by PCGS as a MS65. This grade is a more difficult grade to obtain in the Peace dollar. Both the 1922 and 1923 are the easiest to find and the cheapest due to the crazy high mintage numbers.

There were just 2,348,700 of these originally struck at the Denver Mint. This graded example per my notes at the time of my purchase, had only 381 in this grade and 146 in higher grades.

This coin has a book value of $1200 per PCGS currently. In my research there are 172 people with registry sets listed for the Peace Dollar series in this grade. Out of the 172 registry sets 89 are missing this coin from their set.

Which tells me that this is one is a desirable coin.

Let’s look at this beauty....




Beautiful cartwheel luster, the detail is spot on with no visual flaws. The reverse has amazing feather detail on the Eagle. Just an absolute gem.

Thanks for stopping by

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Thanks again for showing the magnificent Peace Dollar, @silverd510. My Father gave me a Silver Peace Silver, in the Summer of 1958, for passing the First Grade. One did not see Silver Dollars, in circulation much, but they were available at most banks. Real Money!

That’s awesome. Bet you wish you still had it. Nice story. Thanks for stopping by

Wow, I hope my Local coin store will carry some of these new 999 Morgans and Peace Dollars to go nice with my originals.

Took the words right out of my mouth PD.


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It will depend on the mintages

My favorite coins! 1926 is relatively easier to acquire at MS65 in the past, I do not know now!

Maybe the Phili one not the Denver

Oh yes! Denver goes as high as $500 upwards!

Damn! Me likey!!!
I’m gonna’ ask my guy if he has any of these.
Yo D, can you give me a couple years + mi ya to look out for please?

The most reasonably price MS65 or better are the 1922 & 1923. Those are roughly $170-$200 coins depending on eye appeal. Just get the nicest example you can afford.

Nice! Nice! Nice! ;)

The piece of the Silver history...

Looking good I haven't gotten any new coins in a bit but I'll find one to post on.

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