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Morning everyone....

Yesterday I did a post of a beautiful graded Peace Dollar in honor of the upcoming release of the 100 year anniversary of the Morgan Silver Dollar and the Peace Silver Dollar.



The US Mint has just put these coins on their calendar with release dates. Unfortunately this is pretty much all the information that is new to us. There are still no actual coin images available to us. While Coinweek and other publications have stated that the coins will be struck in .999 fine silver. The US Mint has not listed that either. Nor have they listed mintage figures, which is going to be the key to whether these coins will appreciate in value. If they run the presses hard on these, it will kill the potential collectors interest.

Current speculation by several publications and coin collectors is that they most likely will have a mintage limit of 500,000 coins. If we are lucky it will be less.

They are doing a three stage release of these coins. The first two coins being released are the Morgan Silver Dollars with the “O” and “CC” privy mark. The “O” is in honor of the New Orleans Mint, and the “CC” is in honor of the Carson City Mint. These are due to release on May 24th.


Then on June 1st the US Mint will release the Morgan Silver Dollars that are struck at the Denver and San Francisco Mints.


Finally the last release will be the Morgan Silver Dollar and the Peace Silver Dollar both struck at the Philadelphia Mint on June 7th.


This is disappointing news in my opinion. That means that they will not be striking Denver or San Francisco Mint Peace Dollars at all as originally planned. I think this is a MAJOR failure on the US Mint. It’s bad enough that they were originally going to fire the presses back up in Carson City for this release and pulled that off the table, and instead are doing privy marked coins instead.

The Peace Silver Dollar was struck at all three current Mints. Not honoring that in the 100 year anniversary is a horrible decision. The US Mint once again had failed at doing something right.

This program is two years in the works now and they still haven’t gotten it right.

If they were doing it right they would use the four mints to strike the Morgan Silver Dollars and use the West Point Mint to strike the New Orleans Mint coins since there is no machines left there to produce them. The hell with privy mark coins.

They are doing a disservice to the Peace Silver Dollar as well by not striking them at the Denver and San Francisco Mint.

Leave it to the US Mint to fuck up the best coin release in many years.

There was also talks of them doing a very limited edition of a gold version of each coin. Which there is zero talk about now in the coin industry.

While I am absolutely a buyer of these releases. They once again sad fuck you to the coin collectors by dropping the ball.

What do you think???

For those of you that have not seen the proposed renditions of the coins here they are.





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Two of my favorites! For sure they'll do the Peace Dollars.
Will you be buying these coins, bestie?
I placed a reminder, but I don't know if I can afford it.

Mine also. They are only doing Philadelphia strike Peace dollars. Stupid US Mint.
I want to know the mintages before i decide.

Me, it's pricing! If I can afford it... arrrg!!!

Perhaps they don't have enough silver plancettes supplied to cost effectively produce in the two additional mints if you consider the cost of retooling each mint for a given sized run limited by supply rather than demand.

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I hear you @silverd510..... Not a good thing, but the Morgan is one of my favorites I will need to pick one up..They were not thinking....

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