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Hello everyone.....

Well we had quite a scare last night. My dad hasn’t been feeling well, always fatigued, nauseous, won’t eat, always tired, distended belly, retaining water in his legs. He has been to several doctors including an internist. The internist did an endoscopy on him about two weeks ago.

My dad was on a baby aspirin regimen for the two TIA strokes he has had. The doctor saw erosion of the tissue in his esophagus where it meets his stomach. So he took him off the aspirin and gave him a prescription to help fix the erosion.

During the last ten days his symptoms remained and at time were even worse. He had an appointment with his kidney doctor on Tuesday afternoon. They did a bunch of tests and blood work.

Last night the doctor called just after 4 pm, and told my mom to get him to the Emergency Room now!!!!

One of the numbers for his kidneys which is usually around a 1.4 was over a 5 reading. Which means his kidneys pretty much aren’t working. They did an EKG, a chest x-Ray and a CAT scan last night.

The EKG came back good. The x-rays and the CAT scan showed two things. The first is both of his kidneys have many kidney stones. The second is he has a mass in his lower left abdomen.

He was just taken in for a procedure where they put temporary stints in his tubes to enlarge them to pass the stones, with less pain. While they are in there they are going to do a biopsy on the mass to figure out what it is.

So now the waiting game....

I sent my mom home, to relax and eat. She’s a complete wreck since the doctor called.

While I’m in the waiting game mode, I thought I’d do my post for the day.

It is #fiveouncefriday.....

So here is one of my favorite all time Mints. After vintage silver from Engelhard and Johnson Matthey, the modern Mint list for me is pretty short for bullion. Scottsdale, Geiger are my top two in that class. Both produce extremely high quality bullion with multiple safety features as well.

Today I am going to share one of the greatest bullion designs ever. It’s from the Scottsdale Mint and it’s their five ounce stacker round. The design front and back are incredible.

Here it is.....





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Yes, those are some cool Silver stackables. I am sorry that your Father is not feeling well and hope he is getting better. I hope You, your Mother, and Family are doing well, also.

They sure are. I just go home visiting hours are over, he’s got a long way to go still but hopefully he will get better. Thanks

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It sucks what is happening to your father. Nice silver piece btw. I took some old coins i had today and got them checked out.

Thank you. Nice, what did they have to say? What kinda coins?

Nothing worth much but I had a shipwreck coin about 22$

Oh your poor dad and family. Fricking kidney stones! This is how they found my mom’s growth.

I hope whatever is happening with your dad is operable and that you can be with him as they treat his condition.

His uric acid reading was over a 7 the doctor told me after the procedure for the stints. Which he said is very close to complete shutdown of the kidneys. He has 2 large stones which will need to be lasered out once he is stabilized. The mass is actually his prostate which is four times the size it’s suppose to be and has gone into his bladder. No clue what has caused that.
I’m losing my mind, haven’t slept in two days now. Just got home visiting hours are over.
Now we have to play visitor shuffle tomorrow.

Thanks Dfinn

Shit, really sorry to hear that Silverd. Glad he was able to get to a hospital asap and I hope the Docs can do what they need to do to get him back to good health.
I know you don't need me telling you this but I am going to do it anyhow, you gotta try and rest man, you are no good to anyone if you get sick from exhaustion or something. I wish I could help you out D. If I were closer I'd come help sand some wood or something ;)
Hang in there brother, we need you around.

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The procedure was successful now hopefully his body is strong enough to recover. I’m pretty shot, but I’ll survive. I’ll try to be on chat later.

Good to hear that first hurdle went well.

So sorry to hear this terrible news, my prayers for you and your family 🙏

Luckily his kidney doctor is top notch or we’d be planning his funeral right now most likely. Thank you Kerris

Wow @silverd510 several things at one time, so sorry to hear this....
Let us know how he is doing, take care of your Mom, and yourself!!!

The procedure was successful, but it’s up to his body to respond to it now. Thanks man

The Mrs put him on a prayer chain.....Glad you had the family come up to be with you. Don't overwork yourself @silverd510.