Five Ounce Friday Times Five....

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Morning everyone....

Hello all,
For those of you that might not know, I am a huge fan of hand poured silver. I might actually have as much or possibly more hand poured silver then I have coins, bars, or rounds put together.

I’ve been in the process of figuring this out for a while now. I’ve been making a monthly trip to my private security place and organizing my stuff box by box. Before you get the wrong idea the boxes are not that big.... they are a little smaller than a small flat rate box from the post office. Most of them are boxes from Apmex with the packing material removed.

So in this last box I went through, there were quite a few hand poured pieces in it. Many were from the silver community on YouTube from back in the day.

But this chunky mofo is from Monarch Precious Metals. The are a small mint located in Medford, Oregon. They were also the very first piece of hand poured silver I bought when I got back into stacking/collecting.

They have some great items and series in poured silver. Their two ounce sugar skulls are awesome, the Viking five ounce are cool. They also do limited edition Halloween pours with a different design each year. Those are extremely hard to get and appreciate very well.

I haven’t been on their website in a while. But the last time I was there were many items I bought that are no longer produced. They no longer pour a ten ounce Kit Kat bar, or a kilo Kit Kat bar. They also did not have the bar I am about to show you.

It’s a hand poured twenty five ounce hand poured silver bar. When I first got this I was using it as a paperweight on my desk/drafting table.

One of the things that i really enjoy about hand poured silver, is that each piece is unique and has its own lines, nooks and crannies, dimples.

This bar is no different.

Check it out...




Now you understand the #fiveouncefriday times five....

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I like the rustic look on that bar!
Ah... I can look at silver the entire day.
Beautiful, bestie!

Me to. This was one of the first bars I bought from them. Thanks

Oof, that's a big chunky one! It's a beauty

No doubt. This thing sat out in the open on my desk for years. Barely any toning on it.

Hmmm, I don't have that bar from MPM, the closest is my 5 oz Scottsdale.
Silvergoldbull had it so it was a missed opportunity. I'll have to admire it in your possession @silverd510.

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It’s a pretty old bar, maybe 8 years or more. They haven’t poured them in a while from I’ve seen on their site. Thanks

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