Five Ounce Friday....

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Hello everyone.....

In case you missed my post yesterday the winner of the raffle was posted.

But today I’m going to get back to one of the tags I started.


The piece I am going to share with you today is from the Western American Skull series. This series was introduced to me by Ray Brockman a long time ago.

They were originally only going to have six rounds to this series. But JM Bullion was the exclusive dealer for two additional rounds making the set eight in total.

These rounds are produced by the Osborne Mint and are available in many different ways. There are one ounce proofs, one ounce colorized, five ounce proof, and five ounce blackened.

I chose the five ounce blackened. There are only 500 of each minted, except for the last two from JM Bullion those are only 150 minted.

So here is one of the rounds, it’s called the ”Gunslinger”.



Hope you enjoyed


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Thank you

Holy... WOW 😍😍😍
I absolutly LOOVE this one, and first time I seen one. Such awsome details and in 5oz.. Badass.
I sooo want one 😁 lol
Osborne Mint.. Have to check them out. Awsome share my friend and I wish you a wonderful weekend.
Much love 🤗🌹❤️🥰🤗

Thanks. The series has been over for a while now, they sold out so the only way to get them now is on the secondary market like eBay.
Hope all is well.🥰🤗🌹💋🥰

If I remember correctly I think Ray went fir the 5oz blackened too?? Definitely a collectors piece for sue.

He did, but he also bought some one ounce i know. I built him a display box for them.

4D7415D8-0E38-4648-9172-AB00C99A488D.jpeg That’s the picture he sent me of all the 5 oz ones in it.

That is nice 👏

How about a little Cow Punk music to go with this round?

Not my style I’ll let you enjoy it

Not the kind of music to do the Achy Breaky Heart thing but I don't have the Black Stetsons to go Slam dance with. Yee haw!


That is awesome, has a killer look to it and I bet it's even better holding it in your hand.

The whole series is awesome. Five ounce coins are nice to hold

I love the antique look @silverd510, and a hefty five oz nice!!

It shows off all the detail well. The proofs are very hard to see all the detail too shiny

So nice @silverd510!!!!