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Hello everyone....

When you go through boxes of stuff that you haven’t opened in years, you just never know what you will find.

That is the case with this post for #worldcoinwednesday. Inside my last box from my private security place was a small ziploc bag with a bunch of loose coins in it.

I don’t even know why any of them were in the box even. None of them are in great condition, and none of them have precious metals in them either.

However I did find this coin interesting. One because of the shape, and two because it’s the only coin I’ve ever owned from India I believe.

Up until I looked this coin up on Numista I knew zero about it.

So here is the coin and specs:

Country India - British
Type Standard circulation coin
Year 1945
Value 2 Annas = 1/8 Rupee (1/8)
Currency Rupee (1862-1947)
Composition Nickel brass
Weight 5.84 g
Diameter 25.30 mm
Thickness 1.60 mm
Shape Square with rounded corners
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Demonetized Yes
References KM# 543
Crowned bust of King George VI, left, English legend around


Engraver: Percy Metcalfe

Denomination and date within floral design. "Two annas" in 4 languages Urdu, Bengali, Nagari and Telugu

دو آن
दो आना দুই মানা

Translation: 2 annas




Have a great day


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Cool coin, Silverd510. One doesn't have to worry about that coin rolling away when dropped. I'll have to check, I think I have one. Thanks for showing.

Nope no rolling. Never knew i had it.

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Haven't done a #worldcoinwednesday for a while, anna thanks for the reminder. 😁

Neither had i up until last week

I keep forgetting about the nice easy tags to post about and spend ages writing my shit posts. What's the next tag this week?

Fiveouncefriday is next.

Cool find, I love it when I find something like that!

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What's the go with the shape?

It's like they just forgot to cut the edges off haha.

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I don’t know first time i ever remember seeing it.

Awesome. I love old Empire coins. I dont have much Indian coins at all. That one is cool.

Me either it’s the only one i know of

Digging into a box and finding something you don't even remember is the best. That'a a pretty cool looking piece @silverd510!