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RE: Hard To Bet Against Steem Right Now

in LeoFinancelast year

I just can't stand the time everything is taking. Let's hope SMTs get launched this year sometime.


Lol i think we all feel that way but its always going to be that way we will never be satisfied after SMT we will want something else im sure

Just the nature of things as one thing becomes our new normal

That's true/ But I got to say that I'm waiting to have my token on Steem for the mag I publish. The sad part is it's easier now to launch a token on Tron and integrate it with wordpress etc. Steem should have been there doing this for publishers. Anyway...let's wait :).

Oh 100% you could even use like coin which was on ETH and now on cosmos and steem should have had that too! I also want to intergrate the chain into my business and im also waiting lol

LOL :D...why are we waiting eh? I think it's the community