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RE: Leofinance: A Lot More Than Just A Token Pump

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Getting a lot of the people in crypto onboard who currently spend time reading Web 2.0 outlets is going to be critical. Joining forces with a crypto news outlet offering to tokenize their user experience is something to think about.

By the way, I've been struggling to comment and vote lately. Scarcely any of my autovotes are getting through, which means I'm missing out on curation rewards. LeoFinance is hasn't been too responsive lately. The lag has been horrible. Ditto with some other Hive front ends. Does this have something to do with the upcoming hard fork?

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I had the same problem. Od discord they explain to me to change the node. I did and it works fine now.

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I have changed nodes several times. Performance keeps varying but I haven't found one that works perfectly all the time.

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I can only surmise that the upcoming hard fork is causing some issues with some of the nodes.

Like @oldtimer said, I switched nodes and works least for now.

No word on what the problem is so it is all a guess. Maybe some of the node operators will be commenting at some point.

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