Why I am bullish on Ethereum

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Why Bullish?

Buying Pressure and Utility

Ethereum 2.0 has locked up a lot of ETH, reducing circulating supply.

Ethereum tied up in Smart Contracts is huge 6 billion, and growing, reducing circulating supply.

Ethereum is number two in market cap, but 1/30th the price, making it a frequent choice for new investors coming in crypto, further reducing circulating supply.

Ethereum non-custodial decentralized finance is coming this year, and this revolutionary change to decentralized finance in general, and liquidity provision in specific will greatly increase the number of Bitcoin Maximslists involved in liquidity provision. This is huge because Bitcoin is the only crypto priced higher then Ethereum, thus greatly increasing the demand for Ethereum. Thus is clearly going to cause great buying pressure.

Bitcoin equals gold, Ethereum equals oil.

Bitcoin is a gold like store of value, Ethereum is an oil like universal source of energy. Bitcoin is purely a store of value, but Ethereum is a utility coin that makes decentralized finance possible.

Your Disagree ? Tell me why?


Ethereum...it’s heading for an All Time High

I suggest you research this project and consider investing.


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Nice comparison, I like the metaphors.

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Yes, a transparent OIL.

Not black this time

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Hi @onealfa
Yes a transparent oil description would be more descriptive of it. Good point.

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That you for the upvote.

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I totally agree. I have a question for you though. If Ethereum and Bitcoin were at 0, with the same starting point and amount of exposure. Which will you invest in first?

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Hi @mistakili
Which would you choose?

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Lol Bitcoin...far less complicated

Interesting point of view. If you were to split your crypto portfolio today between Bitcoin and Ethereum only, what composition would you aim for?

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Hi @tfranzini
Today, ten to one ETh to BTC.
If I could go back in time to when Bitcoin was 1000, all 2 : 1 BTC.
How would you split yours?

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Interesting! I'm very new to the whole crypto world, which is one of the reasons I asked. Initially, I was considering something like 7:3 ETH to BTC but your comment gave me something to think about.

Thanks for the input!

Ha Ha Ha
This is an incredibly timely piece, you write this and Ethereum hits it’s all time high. Now you look like a prophet or someone who reads the news objectively not emotionally. Either way great timing and I agree with all your points about buying pressure.

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Hi @joefinance
, I hope the dip doesn't change your mind.

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I saw this today. It was funny and timely. I am not anti-bitcoin, but enjoy a good meme. I hope you enjoy it as well.

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It is indeed quite funny!
Thanks for sharing.

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