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RE: Market Watch: Q2 Bull Run Officially Begins Today

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Hi @edicted
Pretty epic times we live in and Bitcoin, ETH and now BNB are rising...great
I think that these predictions for Bitcoin are inevitable.
100k here we come!
I wish I cashed out of one of my DPOS holdings for BTC earlier in the run, but I was making to much in daily rewards to pull the trigger. Better late then never, caught it in the 20's, which seemed overpriced at the time Ha Ha Ha...

Kingdom CUb is going to be epic also...once the word about CErtik gets out, Leofinance gets out, CUb performance, age of many great thinks going for it.

It's so great to be sitting in this position peering out the window from inside a successful project instead of sitting outside the window peering in wondering WEN?

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lol you downvoted this post. 🤣

Writes longest positive comment on post, downvotes post 😂

This is the second time ever this has happened.
Just as funny as the first time.

Yeah pretty awesome honestly.

Not many upvotes > 1 level commentary so I'm not sure they'll be a reply!

My apologies. I meant an upvote. I removed it and properly upvoted this time.

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No apology necessary but thanks.