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RE: Money Launderers, Money Laundering, Christine Lagarde and Bitcoin

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A sharply worded, but honest post... Well done.
I wish no ill to the Madame, but to accuse Bitcoin of nefarious use is ridiculous considering all the nefarious uses for USD and other currencies.

I agree that the majority of money laundering is done with currencies.
I agree that what really scares people about Bitcoin is not money laundering and crime, it's their lack of control.

Oddly enough, the US Government, and I suspect other governments as well, have already figured out that Bitcoin isn't a privacy coin and that the blockchain is transparent to those who take the time to learn. Fiat however is very much a privacy coin, which is why India banned certain denominations and CHina has pushed to make all transactions electronic, and is pushing a national digital currency. It's all about control.


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Well said. They don't care that much about the tech as long as they have access to the data and can control people's lives through that currency.

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