Leofinance Page Analytics for 30 days: 12/23/2020 to 01/23/2021

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486,000 page views in 30 days, according to Simple Analytics! Largest one day 19,000 views!

I went to this site: www.simpleanalytics.com
And looked at our data. This site shows the number of page views, referrers, top pages and top visits. Total page views in past 30 days is 486,000. Largest page view day 19,000 views on Jan 7th, 2021

Here’s some of the graphics. I see how with 12,000 to 19,000 views per day how it adds up to 480,000. What I could find were definitions of these things like page views, page visits and referrals. Do I will write them for more information. Here are some interesting graphics:



I thought it would be interesting to see:

What are the Top Ten sources of those views?

Who are the Top Ten People for page views?

Who are the Top Ten for Page Visitors?

Which Devices were used to access Leofinance?

Which Browser was used?

Which Countries do our views come from?

Top Ten Sources of referrals to Leofinance are…

Number One Source is Twitter 6300 and Google 4500 they are far ahead of the other 30 plus sources. Maybe we can target our efforts better with this.

6.3k twitter.com

4.5k google

842 hive.blog

842 noise.cash

738 reddit.com

725 facebook.com

402 publish0x.com

384 leodex.io

306 android-app

290 torum.com

Top Ten People for page views

Maybe we can look at their titles, pictures and layouts or topics to get an idea what generates views?
And give them some love?

2.6 /@acesontop

2.0 /@camanda

1.8k /@wiseagent

1.6k /@whatageek

1.6k /@lbi-token

1.5k trending/hive-167922

1.4k /@hykss/replies

1.3k /@acesontop/wallet

1.3k /@hitmeasap

1.1k /@crypto619

1.1k /@celi130

572 /@CryptoWendyO
I enter a special mention because she has been in the Community less then a week is already generating large number of views!

Top Ten for Page Visitors

541 /created

512 /@cryptowendyo introduction-post

414 /publish

311 /hot

289 /@razam/feed

282 /trending

156 /@cryptowendyo

144 /@acesontop

131 /@theatdhe

Which Devices were used to access Leofinance.io

Desktop Computer 66%

Phone 33%

Tablet Device 0.8%

Which Browser was used

Chrome 43%

Chrome for Android 24%

Chromium 19%

Firefox 5%

iOS Safari 4%

Which Countries do our views come from?

USA 19%

Nigeria 7%

Romania 7%

Germany 6%

Indonesia 6%

Venezuela 5%

United Kingdom 5%

Canada 5%

India 5%

Spain 5%

Twitter and Google

Leofinance is an exciting new cryptocurrency and finance oriented community for writers and video bloggers in this niche. While we can grow within the Hive community, there are far more people outside the Hive community and Twitter and Google are very good ways to attract people to our webpages.

Leofinance Weekly Twitter Storm

I would like to organize more Twitter advertisement by listing suggested links for a weekly Twitter Storm, so as many members as possible can Copy, and Paste a link into a Tweet. We have 3900 plus members we can drive traffic to our site and promote the growth of our community.

I could choose them on the basis of their Content, number of Likes, number of comments and the amount of rewards. I mention all these items because they are import to highlight all the positives.
What do you think?

CryptoWendyO shoutout about Leofinance:# Link

This is great, one of the new members of our community @cryptowendyo gave a shout out to our Community on YouTube!


Twitter Storm today: https://leofinance.io/@cryptowendyo/bitcoin-bear-market

Thank you!

Put other links in comments below!



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I think she is a great new member in leo. @cryptowendyo congratulation for your achievement. You are a kind of crypto girl that I like on hive. I am a old member but to see your vlog, I am shy that you have good talent. Keep creating best contents!

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Leofinance is the best place on blockchain for the People who share content related to money and finance.
You shared nice stats for leofinance website.

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You have to look deeper, in the referrals to get a better picture. Plain Profile views are skewed by self views.

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So views are skewed by self views. So are page visits more helpful? The number seems smaller. I can ask them if they have a stat which measures visits by IP address, so they could list only unique IP address self visits?

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Just check twitter google and reddit refs :)

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It doesn't aggregate data from Brave browser,...isn't that somehow?

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You raise an interesting point and an additional question for me to ask their support team.

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Glad thanks

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Thank you I'm glad to be in the Top Ten people for page views

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