How to Earn Cryptocurrency on the social media platform, a web based financial topics blogging platform on the Hive blockchain.

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The Leo Chronicles

What is Leofinance?

What is Content Monetization?

What is the Leofinance Community?

How do I join Leofinance?

What is Leofinance

Leofinance is a financial and cryptocurrency social media platform which allows writers and bloggers to make money on their content and reward their readers with cryptocurrency. However the beauty of such a platform is that your investment in the Leofinance community cryptocurrency token Leo gives both authors and readers free votes everyday. These votes are worth the cryptocurrency Leo, and so these votes are used by readers to reward writers and also by writers to reward readers. These votes are created by the token platform and the Leo rewards don’t come out of the wallets of the writers or the wallets of the readers. They come from a regenerating reward pool. This is the future of social media and involves sharing the wealth. Successful Writers and Bloggers should make money on their content and reward their followers. Plus as either a reader or a writer, you don’t have to think about anything except writing or reading. This is a platform where all the technical stuff is taken care of for you. For Financial and cryptocurrency bloggers that future exists today on Leofinance.

What is content monetization on social-media?

The answer lies in understanding a few terms and concepts.

The terminology of content monetization of social media.

The stuff you upload on Facebook, like pictures, poems, stories or anything else you upload is called #content.

People who take pictures, write poems or stories, make music or movies, are called #content-creators.

When you upload stuff on Facebook, so that people can see it on your webpage it’s called #publishing.

Some people who take pictures, write poems sell them through a #publisher. The #publishers help the content producers make money. The #publishers get a percentage of the money. Unfortunately most forms of Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok or YouTube keep the money your content generates via Advertising revenue or data selling, with YouTube being the exception, in that once you generate a certain large number of subscribers and views you get paid.

This means to turn something into money, but it’s not an actual transformation of something into money, it means use it to make money.

Content Publisher or Content Publishing website

Leofinance is also called a #content #publishing #site.

Leofinance compared to Facebook:

The big difference between Facebook and Leofinance is that people provide #content to Facebook for free. On Leofinance people can get paid for the same content they upload on Facebook for free. The application Leofinance is free just like Facebook. It is a webpage application, so you don’t have to download it to your phone or computer. You just go to the webpage, type in your user name and password and see your personal webpage just like Facebook.


But because you get paid on Leofinance you have a special page called a #wallet page where you see all the rewards you get for your content.

Rewards, #likes, #upvotes, #liking and #upvoting.

There are many things on Leofinance, you won’t find on Facebook. One of the most important of these is called rewards. Also Leofinance has #likes but they are called #”upvotes”. Instead of leaving a #like, you leave an #upvote. So instead of #liking content you #upvote it. The important thing about this is you receive a #payment or #reward for #upvotes. The payme@nt or #rewards for #upvotes on Leofinance are in cryptocurrency token called #Leo. But you can use your #Metamask wallet to receive your rewards in #Ethereum.

Author and Curation rewards

On Leofinance #content creators who upload content receive #rewards called #author rewards. They are considered the author of content they create. This includes written and video content. The rewards are a cryptocurrency token like Bitcoin, but it’s a different cryptocurrency token called #Leo.

Leo Token and Blockchain

You have probably heard of Bitcoin, it is a form of digital money called a #”cryptocurrency” token. Leo is a cryptocurrency token like Bitcoin.

The book-keeping or accounting system which keeps track of Leofinance and Leo is called a “blockchain.” You probably have hearing about this #new-thing called the blockchain. It’s a new way to track money, supplies, events and store information. It is different from any other form of accounting isystem and it underlies Leofinance. But you don’t have to understand it to be a content creator, because on Leofinance we want you to focus on creating content, engaging your audience, reading content and engaging authors or content producers.

Leofinance utilizes a cryptocurrency and the blockchain, but the system hides all those complicated aspects and allows you to concentrate on making content, interacting with your followers and building your network. No special computer coding knowledge is needed, and other then creating content and interacting with your followers through commenting and upvoting comments, your focus can be on your passion, be it content creation, social interactions and networking or publishing.

#Leofinance Community
This is a group of writers, video creators, readers and video watchers, who all share an interest and some a passion for different things in the world of finance & cryptocurrency. They like to interact, and enjoy each other’s content.

How do you join Leofinance?

LeoFinance, for example, is a blogging platform built on the Hive Blockchain. Learn more about Hive at this link Here. The Hive blockchain is home to a number of blogging and social media front-ends, of which Leofinance is one community. So you must create a account on Hive and then post on Leofinance. You can create a free count through this link Here


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This was helpful! It's quite a pity how the popular social platforms are totally centralized"(if I'm permitted to use this word, and I hope I used it good). Since joing leofinance, my time on the popular social media platforms has reduced to a significant extent..This is more enriching, figuratively and literally..

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I agree.

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Once I found out about social media on the blockchain I couldn't understand why everyone wasn't here, but then I reflected on the process to get here and I realize the need for easy Onboarding and education. Leofinance is really focused on this with the Leoinfra project making it really easy to sign up and blog.

Great introductory post to Leofinance.

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Thank you!

Hey! Thanks for the post and for making the concepts easier to understand. I hope you don't mind taking some of your lines for a post in Spanish, of course I will quote your publication.

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Hi @cerheran
Thank you and I don't mind, I am flattered, if you are interested in doing a Spanish translation I can post it on Project.hope and make you 50% beneficiary.

I made a post with some of the concepts, you can see it here. It really helped me a lot to write, it happens that many in my country do not know what they have on the Internet, imagine that the first thing they think when I say "cryptocurrencies" or Bitcoin, is scams (there are many) because they are not informed of what it really is and they are deceived.
Thank you very much for the trust, I am new to this and I try to learn more things to have a nice post to read, I think I still have a lot to learn.

This is a good post to really understand social media, Leofinance and the community. You explained terms I can understand from Facebook and other traditional social media.

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Thank you, I am glad you found it helpful.

Upvoted and reblogged to my feed to share.

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Thank you, that’s appreciated!

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