Binary Thinking is bad for investors, think about it...

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Zero Sum Game...not at all.


In crypto people are often very binary, as in 1 for winner and 0 for loser. I laugh because considering the vast complexity of the human mind, why would humans settle for being binary thinkers?

In fact, I think what often separates the really successful from the various other levels of success is the ability to elevate your brain to not just read and grasp complex situations where there are multiple winners, of varying complexity and variable returns...but to actually envision, as in create in your mind complex scenarios where profit can be made.

Example Hive/Leo

The complexity of the various methodologies by which you earn Hive/Leo are initially in you write a post, and people vote on your post, and you earn money. This is very binary, as in lots of votes equals lots of money, very few votes equals very little money.

But it’s this binary and very limited view of how to be successful on Hive/Leo that leads to frustration. Upvotes are not automatic, they are the result of persistence and consistent performance, over time.

But, if you are willing to look past this initial Binary assessment of the profit making capability you see other possibilities. One such possibility is curation: you upvote other people’s posts, their posts get lots of upvotes, they get half the author rewards and the rest are divided amongst the upvotes. Thus isn’t binary, as there aren’t simply ones and zeros indicating winners and losers. Their are big winners of author rewards, small winners of author rewards, big winners of curation rewards, small winners of curation rewards.

Wait, that’s to many ones and zeroes. It’s not just 1 and 0 it’s 101010 and that’s just a start.

What about curation trails, where authors write posts, they get upvotes and they win rewards. But also the people who vote on their rewards get rewards, called curation rewards, and the ones with big voting power get big rewards, the ones with smaller voting power get smaller rewards, but then their are people who don’t vote, but delegate their voting power to those who vote, now those non-voters also earn rewards. Now it’s really way beyond binary as it’s 10101010.

There are literally at least 4-5 ways to earn rewards in this Hive ecosystem and only the first one is binary. The crazy thing is that many participants in this ecosystem only play the binary rewards play. Some only play the double or triple binary curation play.

In truth, there are others ways to earn in the same system, but you won’t profit from these until you open your mind up to more then 1 and zero being all there is...

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hive, Leo, Rune, Block, XRP, Link, Bat,

Which one will win? Which will lose? Which will earn you more Sats? Does it have to be just one? Just two? Just three? Does the success of one dictate the failure of the other?

Look at the Hive/Leo relationship. They are joined at the hip, and the success of one can also lead to the success of the other. One way into Leo is through Hive tokens, which must be earned or purchased. Earning and purchasing hive tokens has to be good for hive and using hive tokens to buy Leo is obviously good for Leo.

It’s complicated, and to some it’s convoluted, but it’s not Binary.

Look at Bitcoin and Ethereum, both are doing very different things, it’s often said Bitcoin is like Gold, while Ethereum is like oil.

People value gold as a store of value, but they value Ethereum as the store of energy which drives processes and helps people get stuff done. It’s not Bitcoin winner, Ethereum loser, it’s Bitcoin Winner and Ethereum winner, it’s not binary. Expand your mind to see how they both win...then your really poised to become successful.

I don’t think I need to tell you how DeFi isn’t binary, we hitched WLEO to Ethereum and it’s price is at an all time high now. It’s in a liquidity pool with Ethereum, people buy Leo, they buy Ethereum, they deposit both in this pool. Some traders come to buy Ethereum cheap, a win. Some traders come to buy WLEO cheap, a win. Others just want to earn a portion of the transaction fees from buyers of Ethereum or WLEO, that’s a win. Others want to earn minted Leo from being depositors of both tokens. Another win. Ether wins, Leo wins, Hive wins, traders win, liquidity providers win. 11111 and on and on it goes...the wins just keep on coming!

Binary bad, Beyond Binary good

This is the only binary thinking you should entertain, but even it is flawed, as binary reward systems are profitable. 168 upvotes and 20.0 Leo rewards is a win, but don’t let it be your only win, don’t stop thinking there, think beyond that...




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