2021 Marketcrash? Monetary Collapse? What’s the smart money doing

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Warren Buffet making Defensive Moves


2021 Is here, will the monetary system burn itself to the ground with money printing, hyperinflation and can record stock prices continue in contrast to record unemployment and widespread economic chaos?

What are the rich people doing?

Well Warren Buffet, worth 80 plus billion, and who made it all in the stock and derivatives market is pretty rich, so what’s he doing?

So far selling!
Yes he sold all four airlines he held.
He sold his oil stocks
He sold all his Fastfood stocks

He bought Kroger, the largest grocery store chain in the USA by revenue.
He bought Barrick, a gold mining company.
He bought into a Real Estate Investment Trust, but a very specific and conservative one, whose holdings are meant to weather a market collapse.
He sold most of his banking and investment company stocks, except Bank of America.

What does this mean?

I think these are defensive moves?
These are typical moves to prepare for a market collapse, sell stocks and buy things which are a hedge. Gold, Banking, Food and Shelter.

What does Warren Buffet say?

He says very little, except to observe that stock prices are the highest they have ever been, and possibly overvalued.
I think it’s wise to watch Warren Buffet. He doesn’t like gold or cryptocurrency, but he knows the stock market, and it appears he is preparing for a market drop.


These are my personal opinions.

I am not a financial adviser and this is not investment advice.

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Whatever happens would only be on a temporarily cost in my opinion.

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Interesting, many are predicting a market correction and inflation. It remains to be seen how long the government can keep this up. We will see,

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It's essential to know what the whales are doing, even if they're not crypto-whales. If they're preparing for the crash, we could do a little preparation ourselves. I think I'll sell a part of my coins during January and hopefully catch the dip when it comes to buy back more!

Being in crypto I wouldn't take Warren Buffet as an example. He takes actions based on his 80 years old mentality and past experience. He's smart for sure, but he's old school.

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