#224 Sneaker drop 5/6/2021 ~ Nike Air Jordan 11 Low Women's "Bright Citrus" AH7860-139

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Good Evening Hive family and my money makers, week after week, days after day, we continue to keep it pushing and trying to get these sneaker releases with good gains. Today we are back at it with another pair of the Nike Air Jordan 11 Low Women's "Bright Citrus" sneakers and are set to release on the 6th and yes these are some good gains for sure, so don't miss these out or at least the attempt to purchase and flip. Looks like on StockX the last sell was $500 and that is up 82% but we do have low ask at $500 but the High Bid at $400, regardless all pairs are going for over $100+ profits and that is pre-sale on all platforms, StockX, eBay etc, so even if we can get $50+ off a $185 retail shoe, that is easy money. These are worth your time and will be a good flip if you can get them. Spend $185 plus tax and flip for 50+ in profits, yea this continues to be good money for sure, release after release, some great gains and some good gains but we will take them if we can get them in cart. I mean if you can resell for more, yea even better and I think that is a real possibility. You can see by the market on the second picture I posted and most have sold for $250.00+ too but I do see some over that. The 52 week high was $500.00 and the low was $250.00 and if I get them, we wont sell at the low because we don't leave meat on the bone. So get ready because they come out soon, I'm definitely going to try and cop us a pair of these and an easy flip will happen over the weekend if not the same day of release. The hard part is getting them in cart and beating the bots online but you can always go to sneaker shops and do raffles or even online with Nike etc, they do raffles or draws they call them. Still hard but we wont stop getting them and or trying, we want them good gains and we wont stop trying, not today nor tomorrow. So If you have any questions feel free to hit me up in Element Chat, Discord or in the comment section, thoughts and comments always welcome. Anyways stay tuned, stay alert for any updates and thank you for stopping by my blog and post today. Have a great rest of your Thursday, be great, just create, your reality. God Bless....

I still believe I could make a coin, but I have two investor's so far that are invested in my flipping sneakers and from the thrifting purchases, if its something that interests you to invest, don't hesitate to DM me.

Here is the discord link if interested https://discord.gg/Jep4ZX a new community for resellers and money makers flipping whatever that brings income in.

Please let me know if you have any success, this is not financial advice but financial freedom.

Any questions just hit me up in the comment section or DM me on the Element.....
Good luck, God Bless

Cost: $185 plus tax/Shipping each

Potential Profits: $50+

Nike Air Jordan 11 Low Women's "Bright Citrus"
Release Date: Tuesday 5/6/2021
Retail Price: $185
Style Code: AH7860-139
Colorway: White/Bright Citrus



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