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RE: Development Costs - Then V's Now

in LeoFinancelast year

Good sleuthing, man. I like it. We need better monetary policy (and that includes how to deal with DAO proposals) but it's early days. New version of PeakD is awesome! Are they getting funded by hivedao? It doesn't seem so. And that is a shame. What is Vessel? Never heard of it. Never used it. Probably shouldn't be funding a desktop wallet over a proper mobile wallet. But hopefully these things will get fixed over time.


I do like the new version of PeakD, the amount of features they've brought under one roof is really helpful.

I did use Vessel a long time ago but Jesta, the original dev seems to leave it to stagnate. I'm not sure how well used the new version will be, but it seems some think it's worth a revamp.

We need mobile so bad. Who can we fund? Or how much money will it take to get esteem to rebrand to a different name? I vote Easel. Can keep the e logo. Just get that awful name off the product and I'll use it.

dapplr looks promising for 30 HBD/day.

I'm not sure Esteem are going to rebrand/change the name you know...