Why you Should be Bagging more LEO NOW!

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After slowly accumulating small amounts of LEO through curation and posting, I decided to put some profits from some other investments into LEO and try and grow my account towards the 5000 LEO mark. I, like many other users, missed the cheap LEO in the early days and only decided to get back into the posting game late last year. I see the massive potential of LEO so it's time to invest and grow my stake.

How do I intend to get there?
Firstly, curation and posting will continue to be a great way to accumulate through POB. Time given to the platform will be my investment and LEO will be returned for the investment.
I will continue to watch the markets and buy the dips as they come around. At the moment, LEO is under 1 HIVE and I feel that is a really low price entry and I have been waiting for this opportunity for a while.

Why grow my LEO stake?
There are a number of projects that are coming from the team and they continue to innovate and build. Even though it has been a little quiet of late, I know they are busily working on Project Blank and LeoBridge. What will be next to add value to the token? LEO is the underlying base token for all that is built here and CUB has opened up other markets for the token to access as well. Will LEO be moved to it's own chain? Perhaps and this could add even greater value.

If the community continues to support the token and platform and curate the right content, then I see no reason why LEO won't continue to grow and increase in value from where it currently sits.

So bag some more and sit back and watch the LEO roll in!

(Not financial advice)

Thanks for reading.

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I've been on the fence about moving my LEO into some of the CUB farms or just staking it all and I have decided to take the staking route. I have a goal of 5000 LP as well and I think I might actually achieve that the way things have been going lately. Best of luck to you on your goal!

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I agree @scooter77. Leo has great potential and I am bullish because with the upcoming LeoBridge, a good amount of fees will be generated and a good amount of Buring will happen. So both $LEO & $CUB will turn out to be great investments for sure.

And don't forget, when Project Blank comes, there will be an Airdrop for the existing LEO HODLers. One wouldn't want to miss that.


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Although, I don't plan on buying LEO, I want to grow my Leo holdings organically while posting and curating. I think Leo is one of the few tokens on Hive that really have a long term goal in mind to help creators who are extremely enthusiastic about the newest information on cryptocurrencies. Leo is THE BEST community for Cryptocurrency updates on Hive and that's something to be happy for.

Hell yeah mate! Glad to hear you are stacking LEO.

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While we see a massive powerdowns on Leo recently (all run for CUB#s on DEFI), I have not unstacked even one single LEO .
And every day my upvote now is getting stronger and stronger.
Still 644601 LEO staked here

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It's tough for a newbie. Hive gets me the chance to vote more often and POB has insane return on curation.
I decided to stake the leo I earned organically by posting, but I can't convince myself to sell Hive or POB just to get LEO.

Would you recommend a beginner to invest into LEO, too?

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LEO is one of the best projects on HIVE. I would recommend getting into the project before it becomes out of reach again.

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I think this is good, so many people missed the early leo days, I regretted only investing just very little, but then I didn't cub is taking the shine, hence many people are powering down to buy cub, When the dust settles, leo will still do amazingly well. Good strategy there. I still think leo will be liased with hive and not move to another chain.

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