DownVotes - How and why I downvote.

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The POB community is going really strong and the new page seems to be growing with new users of the tag on a daily basis. One of the exciting things is that the tag can be used on any post and therefore no post should be downvoted, technically, for using the tag.

Now downvotes can be a tricky subject and thing to put out there so here are my only reasons for downvoting any post on any tribe, including POB:

  1. Plagiarised content - this is an obvious one. If the content is not yours then you don't deserve a return on the content. Plagiarism is illegal in most countries and ethically not right.
  2. Spam Content - spam posts are not that common but spam comments seem to pop up regularly. If you spam a post with the same comment over and over, then expect a downvote to remove rewards. Typically bots create the same spam comments but not always
  3. Error Post - I know this happens to people and I have been guilty of accidentally posting the same post twice due to absurd technical reasons. I appreciate those who edit the post to say it is a error post and I will often remove any rewards from these posts if they have any to keep the reward in the pool.
  4. Content not related to the tribe - As any post can use the POB tag, this doesn't apply to POB, however, if you post a sports focussed post and add the #weedcash tag, expect a downvote for irrelevant content to that tag. I have been guilty of adding the wrong tags before, particularly when using the #spt tag, and have received downvotes from the community for this. I accept that this may occur and appreciate that there are users out there curating and using downvotes to keep the rewards pools going to the right content across many of the tribes.

I have never gotten into a childish downvoting 'war' that I have seen around before. I know that it is your stake and you can use it however you want, but if you are just downvoting someone because you 'don't like them', time to take stock of your life and take a break.

I'd be interested to hear from others how and if they use downvotes and why?

Thanks for reading.

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I tend to avoid down voting because of down voting wars, but if I feel as if someone is just trying to abuse particular communities then I will down vote. I try to respect most communities but sometimes I make mistakes with tags which gets me into trouble every now and again.

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With these 4 paragraphs you pretty much covered everything.

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I don't think I have ever given a downvote, but I do agree that they have their play. I do hate seeing the downvote wars that occur, they seem to start for a valid reason, but often seem to escalate into petty squabbles that do not get resolved.

Anyway, your summary is very good. Everyone just need to learn to be decent humans.