DOGE and EOS? What other Altcoins are moving?

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What is going on with the ALT market at the moment? DOGE is mooning above and beyond anything that I ever thought was possible for a coin with over 100 billion and climbing circulating coins. I feel that this really is an indication that many new crypto users are coming on board and buying stuff they know nothing about. This crazy movement has also pushed the pegged version on Hive-Engine into third place in terms of market volume.

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In other areas, EOS, something that no one has really talked about for a while, is also on the up, over $8 this week. On the tails of many other coins with increasing usage, EOS still has a long way to go to break back into the top 10 of coins. It could easily go back to $20 and still only just push into the top 10 which is achievable, but with so many other coins now out there and having real value and use, I can't see this happening for a little while, but in this market, anything is possible.

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Are there any other al coins you can see possibly mooning with good reason? Lots of movement has occurred and I am wondering, when will there be a reset and a chance to jump in and scoop up some bargains? Just need to ensure you are positioned where you need to be... Happy trading.

Thanks for reading.

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I figured that the Fundamentals and features of this Alt couldn't justify it's 5 cent level at best let alone .15, .20, and .40.
It's longevity and large user base is its only strengths even as it does not have any application it would be still worth something.
And me?
I am an early adopter of Dogecoin.
I accumulated for the fun of it.
Never thought it would reach these lofty heights.
IT'S PAYDAY for me!!!
Thank you Dogecoin!

Part One
Part two Dogecoin

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I'm still waiting for Hive to pump. I think Hive is better than dogecoin long term. Not financial advice obviously...

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The Doge pump is really shocking and crazy. Will there be more newcomer holding a big bag of Shiba Dog meme? lets see how this unfold, but nice to see the price pumping

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Doge will be $1 soon

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naaa that won´t happen. too much money needs to enter for that. if that happens something bad happens directly after that

I don't think it necessarily has to be something bad, but I do believe that we are going to see $1 dogecoin...

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Most of them are shitcoins.

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