Are Cryptocurrencies heading for stricter regulation?

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With Coinbase about to launch it’s public listing, there is some speculation around on how governments might react to the growth of cryptocurrencies globally.

Coinbase’s listing, predicted to be at a value of $100 billion, will be followed by other major exchanges, placing these companies somewhere near the top of the richest exchanges world wide. Many governments still view cryptocurrencies as potentially used for money laundering and other illegal activities. Their inability to track who is sending and receiving transactions, and with the value of many cryptocurrencies skyrocketing, some jurisdictions will inevitably try to restrict or even block cryptocurrencies.

Big business sees the rise of cryptocurrencies as a threat to their current business models and will either adopt and embrace or rise against this new age of financial gain and freedom.

There are some exchanges out there already planning to ensure they are SEC compliant and building models to make sure that there are no barriers for adoption when or if restrictions are put in place.

Some countries will adopt and adapt to cryptocurrencies and there will be no real issues. Though others, like the US and India, are already moving towards restricting and even banning cryptocurrencies altogether. As Bitcoin takes hold and rises to greater values and takes further strides into mainstream adoption, I have no doubt that regulation will come into effect across many jurisdictions across the world. How this impacts the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies and whether this will be successful in weeding out the dodgy projects is yet to be seen. There are interesting times ahead indeed.

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Big businesses are buying into crypto. They will likely flex their corporate lobby muscles eventually and the regulators and government will fall in line. We have seen it happen time and again. Personally, I am not too concerned about it.

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Bitcoin was designed for this very not be regulated. Fiat on/off ramps are the only mechanisms that can be controlled. Until people decide to avoid fiat all together. :)

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