'88 World Expo Bank Notes - More Notes for my Stack!

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1988 Australia World Expo Bank notes

Continuing on with my stacking of different banks notes, I came across these interesting specimens the other day.

These are bank notes that were accepted as legal tender inside the Expo '88 site in Brisbane, Queensland. Expo '88 was held from April 30th to October 30th 1988 and showcased the best that Australia had at the time.



Presently they have no monetary value but have become highly collectible items. Hopefully one day they will form part of my retirement plans!

World Expo '88

Expo '88 was held in Brisbane, Australia during the Bicentennial celebrations of that same year. The theme of the Expo was "Leisure in the Age of Technology", and the mascot for the Expo was an Australian platypus named Expo Oz. It placed Brisbane on the world map and the boost from tourism achieved from the Expo helped propel the state of Queensland into the modern age!


Do you have anything like this? Please feel free to share.

Thanks for reading.

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Those are excellent notes! I have a modest banknote collection, don't have these though.

Were you at the expo to be able to get the notes or did you have to acquisition them by other means? :D

No I wasn't at Expo '88. Lived too far away. Just like collecting notes!

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Works like a Trade Dollar and is Legal Tender for the duration of the 88 Expo with participating retailers.
Our Vancouver in 86 (I was in very young then) theme was on Transportation Technology and I don't remember if we had the same Trade Dollar thing.

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I live in Seattle so went to Expo 86 up in Vancouver, Canada. Two years ago I found a cool .999 fine silver commemorative coin/round from that expo and my local coin shop. So that was a fun find. Even better was it represented the Washington State pavilion at the Expo. Other than that I just have some photos from our trip there and the memories from when I was 11/12. 😄

Was the Expo in Brisbane located around where Southbank is today? I had a like an 11 hour layover in Brisbane in November 2019 in my way from Canberra back to Seattle. We took the train out to Southbank and just soaked in the sun and water and parks. Soooooo nice.

Yep. Southbank was born from the Expo 88 site. There are a lot of interesting collectibles like this out there.

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Bank notes are cool!

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